“They Know Their Characters So Inside Out”: ‘Bridgerton’ Intimacy Coordinator on Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey’s Inputs for the Intimate Scenes in Season 2

“They Know Their Characters So Inside Out”: ‘Bridgerton’ Intimacy Coordinator on Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey’s Inputs for the Intimate Scenes in Season 2

Bridgerton has some of the steamiest sex scenes among Netflix shows. Season 1, which explored the story of Daphne and the Duke, has much more sex scenes than season 2. While this remains a topic of discussion among fans, we all know it was less about sex in Anthony’s story and more about his emotional growth. That said, Bridgerton season 2 had its share of intimacy scenes, coordinated by intimacy coordinators like Lizy Talbot.

When the new season premiered, we bet many Bridgerton fans were waiting for the intimate scenes of the new leads. However, the new season made us wait quite a lot. After over six episodes of dramatic sexual tension and constant push and pull, Anthony and Kate finally gave into their feelings in the garden. The scene seemed like a blessing after all the tortured longing, but it’s not easy to create a sex scene that explosive. And no one knows that better than Lizy Talbot. Turns out, she had some help.

Anatomy of sex scenes of Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix

In conversation with Insider, Lizy Talbot revealed that Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley were great help when planning out the intimacy scenes. She went to share how the two actors understand their characters, Anthony and Kate, respectively, completely: They know how their characters will act in a passionate scene. Thus, they gave some excellent inputs to Talbot on how the passionate moments should unfold in Bridgerton season 2

She explains, “They know their characters so inside out. They know exactly what their character would do in this moment, and they can bring so much to the scene because of that. It’s always a gift when you’ve got actors who really understand their characters.”

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Talbot has been the intimate coordinator in both the seasons of Bridgerton. Even so, she finds it very difficult to choreograph sex scenes because of the involvement of Regency-era costumes. To put on those costumes, the actors often need other people’s help, so all the fastenings are at the back. “That’s always a real challenge because you’re now working with two characters who aren’t potentially used to undressing the opposite sex in that way,” says Talbot.

But, Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey offer her some wonderful suggestions on how to get out of their own costumes. The seventh episode’s garden scene may look short, but it took them two days to complete the whole shoot.

There’s no denying that Simone and Jonathan share a wonderful chemistry, so much that their tension offsets all the sensual scenes in season 1. Thus, Talbot found it easy to coordinate the sequences, given Jonny’s charm and energy and Ashley’s composure. It paid off because we have a hot, hot scene. What did you think of the garden scene?

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