‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: All the Push-and-Pull Plotlines of the Series

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: All the Push-and-Pull Plotlines of the Series

While it is the grandeur and the magnificent sets of Bridgerton that initially attracted viewers, what made the show a fan favorite is the fact that all the characters are relatable. Bridgerton season 1 and season 2 are not some of the biggest releases of Netflix solely because of their visual appeal. Most of the viewers might not live in palaces and host soirees involving royalty, but the characters still somehow seem to be just like them. This comes not from their lifestyle but from their nature and decisions.

Most of the main characters we see in Bridgerton are extremely indecisive. It seems to be a running gag in the show. We started with Daphne and Simon.

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This couple grows increasingly close while constantly making efforts to do the opposite. The path to their marriage and what happened after was yet again a series of ups and downs. Here we’re going to have a look at the other push-and-pull scenarios in Bridgerton, specifically in season 2.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t streamed Bridgerton season 2 yet, it might be best to read this after doing so.

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton— The definition of push-and-pull in season 2

The biggest rollercoaster relationship of the series is that of the main characters. Kate and Anthony start off on the wrong foot, with her overhearing him berating marriages borne out of love. She knows that he only intends to marry to fulfill his duty and he coincidentally finds her sister the perfect candidate for the same.

Over the course of the Netflix Original, the two grow closer while despising each other at the same time. The road gets bumpy for the two, especially considering how Kate has her sister Edwina’s feelings for Anthony to take into account.

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Portia Featherington and Jack Featherington

A love story we did not see happening in a million years was that of Portia and the new Lord Featherington, Jack. After the death of her husband, Portia and the viewers expected her focus to be on her daughters. And so it was.

After the arrival of Jack to take over the estate, Portia disliked him greatly. Not only did he seem dismissive of her and her daughters, but he also never seemed to involve them (especially her) in any matters. But, after he reveals that his involvement with Cressida Cowper was because of his best intentions for the Featheringtons at heart, Portia’s opinion of him changes for the better. The two even form a partnership of sorts, planning a scheme to swindle money from the Ton’s families.

The biggest shock of the series was when he begins flirting with her. Her reciprocated interest in him was the peak of their relationship. Yet, when Portia realized how Jack is selfish and doesn’t quite care about her daughters, she decides that was the end of their relationship.

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Anthony and Newton

Now, this is a plotline entirely different from the books, and hence, new to the book lovers as well.

In the books, we see that Newton is completely taken by Anthony, while the latter isn’t very fond of the dog. In the Netflix series, upon their introduction, Newton instantly dislikes Anthony. Just like Kate, Newton isn’t wooed by Anthony’s charms. Anthony, determined to make sure he wins over Kate and Newton, takes it as a challenge.

This gets worse when Anthony catches Newton off guard. While his intentions were to give the corgi a little pat on the head, Newton growls aggressively, leaving Anthony sure that the two will never get along. However, this changes gradually as Anthony finds in the end that Newton has in fact warmed up to him.

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Name a better love story. We’re waiting.

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