Who Is the Real Star of Bridgerton Season 2? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Who Is the Real Star of Bridgerton Season 2? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Bridgerton season 2 has cast the cutest and most handsome cast member. Season 2 introduces a character named Newton, a mischievous Corgi dog of Kate and Edwin Sharma. For now, let’s call him Mr Newton Sharma.

From the second novel of Julia Quinn’s Brigerton series, The Viscount Who Loved Me, we know Newton is very beloved by all. He is not just a pet, as he shares a beautiful bond with Kate and loves getting into trouble.

Now let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about Newton, the corgi dog.

Newton’s role in Bridgerton season 2

From the novel, The Viscount Who Loved Me, we already know Newton loves to indulge himself in mischievous situations, which will really be embarrassing for Kate and Edwina. In his excitement, he even pushed Edwina, Kate’s sister, to the lake. Anthony had to swim into the lake to save her.

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Newton’s real name is Austin and Charithra Chandran, Simone Ashley, and Jonathan Bailey have a lot of stories to tell about him. They surely love the dog during filming. In an interview with EW, Charithra Chandran says, “Austin was not necessarily the best-behaved dog. But there were so many hilarious moments. There was a scene where he’s outside and you had to get him to sit by feeding him treats. At one point, he was so full on all the treats, he just fell asleep on the set in the middle of his shot.” 

Ashley felt that she had a special bond with Austin, which formed during the shooting, just like Kate does in the book. She also expresses he is a bit of sass and that during the shoot for Bridgerton, he often went off and did his own thing.

Did corgis exist in Regency Era England?

Corgi existed in Regency Era, after their documentation in 1107. Mainly, there are two types of corgis: the Pembroke corgi, and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. Newton is the Cardigan Welsh corgi. They bred this breed to be the company of the herding cattle and sheep. But, it is not common for the elite class to have a corgi companion.

Are you excited to meet Austin is Bridgerton season 2? We surely are!

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