Bridgerton Season 2: Is Lord Featherington a Savior or Are We Just as Mistaken as the Featheringtons? Who Is Jack Featherington?

Bridgerton Season 2: Is Lord Featherington a Savior or Are We Just as Mistaken as the Featheringtons? Who Is Jack Featherington?

As we welcome many new faces in the Ton, one participant guest wasn’t as welcomed as the rest. After Lord Archibald Featherington’s demise, the ladies have to wait for cousin Lord Jack Featherington to arrive and manage the estate. Although he assumes responsibility quite quickly, there is more than that meets the eye for Lord Featherington in Bridgerton season 2. 

The new Lord Feathrington arrives from America in Bridgerton season 2

As soon as he arrives, he announces that he had a long journey from America. He has a ruby mining business there. He pays off Philipa’s dowry and starts making changes to the estate much to Lady Featherington’s chagrin. She is afraid that pretty soon they’ll be kicked out. 

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His ruby mining business is a lie

Like all eligible bachelors, as soon as he comes to town he starts looking for a suitable wife. His eye catches Cressida Cowper, but Lady Featherington will not let him have his way. She wants him to court Prudence even though they are cousins. This leads him to unwillingly court Prudence but he ultimately comes clean to her and confesses that he’s rather penniless. He seems to marry for money only. Even the necklace that he gifted to Philipa was a fake one. 

Lady Feathrington and the new owner of the estate concocts a plan to restore the family’s wealth

In Bridgerton season 2, Lord Featherington and Lady Featherington together team up to fool people into investing their money into the former’s lucrative ruby mining business which is a lie. They plan to set the plans in motion at Kate and Anthony’s wedding. 

They make Prudence wear a fake ruby necklace to get everyone’s attention. Jack’s plan was working until Colin figured out he was a fraud. 

Since the revelation of his true intentions and identity, he planned to leave for America. But along with Lady Featherington. The young Lord of the house had fallen for the shrewd Lady Featherington. But the latter conspires against him and frames herself as a victim. She also forges his signature naming Prudence’s firstborn son the heir of the estate at the end of the series. 

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