Two South Asians, Edwina Sharma (Bridgerton) and Deepti Vempati (Love Is Blind) Lead Self-Love by Examples on Netflix

Two South Asians, Edwina Sharma (Bridgerton) and Deepti Vempati (Love Is Blind) Lead Self-Love by Examples on Netflix

From Bridgerton to Sex Education, television is seeing a huge rise in terms of inclusivity. In recent times, we have seen more South Asian characters on Netflix that fans are absolutely adoring. Some of them that have stood out the most are two South Asian women. Edwina Sharma from the Regency-era series Bridgerton and Love is Blind‘s Deepti Vempati, are two prime examples of self-love.

Spoiler alert: There are some pretty intense spoilers of Bridgerton season 2 and Love is Blind season 2 ahead. Tread with caution.

Edwina’s exemplary character arc in Bridgerton

As many fans of the series already know, Bridgerton season 2 focuses on the Sharma sisters. While Kate is headstrong and assertive, Edwina is anything but the same. The younger Sharma sister starts out as the ideal “diamond of the season” at the beginning of the Netflix Original. She is conventionally beautiful with a nature that defines the word affable.

As seemingly perfect as Edwina might be, she has some flaws too. These “flaws” find root in her self-doubt and lack of empathy for her own self. When Anthony ends up not proposing to her during the toast in Aubrey Hall, she blames herself. Instead of questioning Anthony’s resolve and motives, as anyone else would have, she takes the responsibility for an action entirely unrelated to anything she has done.

All of this changes when she ends up leaving Anthony jilted at the altar and confronting her sister. Edwina spends 5 episodes of the Netflix series being bossed around by her sister and overextending herself to a man she barely knows. Hence, when Edwina finally stands up for herself, it is a defining moment for the character. She confronts Kate and leaves Anthony.

Breaking off her marriage with Anthony was not a decision Edwina made out of a lack of feelings for him. Instead, it came from her realizing she deserved better than a person so unsure of her. We see the character go from a feeble young girl who listens to her sister even when she finds her unreasonable, to one who is sure of what she wants and doesn’t hesitate standing up for the same. It’s no wonder Charithra Chandran said yes to the role.

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What happened to Deepti Vempati from Love is Blind

If there ever was a collection of the most roaring red flags, it is Deepti’s partner from the Netflix reality television series Love is Blind. Fans knew from the get-go that Shake was not the person for Deepti. From asking about her weight to comparing her to his aunt, Shake had shown time and again how he was not fully interested in Deepti. And when push came to shove, the woman did what she had to. Here’s the iconic clip of Deepti taking a stand for herself as fans of the show were vouching for since the very beginning.

Although, they initially started out making questionable choices and doubting themselves, both Edwina and Deepti take a stand for themselves and give fans two perfect examples of self-love.

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