‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Are You Watching a Raunchy Drama or a Slow Burn KDrama?

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Are You Watching a Raunchy Drama or a Slow Burn KDrama?

After countless teasers and trailers, the Shonda Rhimes production finally dropped on Netflix on March 25. Without further ado, fans tuned in to Bridgerton season 2, but are flabbergasted at the lack of “sexy” or “smut” content in the show. Is it really Bridgerton without sex? The direction that Shonda Rhimes has taken for season 2 is more slow-burn romance, intense push and pull between the leads, and the age-old trope of enemies turned lovers. Although fans of American dramas had a big jolt of surprise, this was familiar territory for KDrama fans. 

The slight hand grazes, the longing stares, and the internal fight to ignore the feelings are universal in KDramaland. English language shows take hardly two episodes to get the leads in bed, but for KDrama fans the wait is painstakingly long. And even after all the wait, they only get a kiss in the second half of the drama. Korean dramas build on the chemistry of the leads, especially when it’s an enemies-to-lovers trope. Although we reckon, Bridgerton won’t take things that slow! 

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Are the creators following a Jane Austen concept for Bridgerton season 2?

With the lack of steamy scenes, fans think Shonda Rhimes is watering it down to make it more Pride and Prejudice style. Well, there is a nod to the Jane Austen novel, but the creators aren’t adopting a Jane Austen approach to Bridgerton season 2. The narrative follows the novels. The second season is based on The Viscount Who Love Me, which is less steamy than The Duke and I. While the book certainly has more scenes than the show itself, a book series fan would find season 2 a just adaptation.

Season 1 had more sex scenes because it was integral to Daphne’s storyline. Don’t forget that it was the 1800s. Daphne was too innocent. The girl didn’t even know how babies were born. Additionally, season 1 made use of the “fake relationship” trope. Fake relationships usually quickly progress to a real relationship. Daphne discovered sex, self-pleasure, womanhood, and the other aspects of marriage.

With season 2, even Showrunner Van Dusen also admitted that he wants the audience to feel this tension.

Anthony Bridgerton isn’t some naïve innocent girl. He is well experienced in matters of the bedroom. His love interest Kate Sharma doesn’t need to be educated in sex, either, even though she is innocent to a certain extent. They get off on the wrong foot until they realize their longings for each other. It will take time for them to address their feelings, hence, the slow progression. In the process, Anthony shall discover true love, which is the ultimate aim of this season. The focus is more on the building chemistry and palpable tension between the two.

The early reviews of the series too had confirmed this: Season 2 is more love and less sex, and us KDrama fans stan all the tension. 

Bridgerton season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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