“Newton is not necessarily the best-behaved dog”, Claims Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley About Their Co-star in Bridgerton Season 2

“Newton is not necessarily the best-behaved dog”, Claims Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley About Their Co-star in Bridgerton Season 2

Bridgerton has a new cast member, Kate and Edwina Sharma’s pet, Newton. At this point, we are assuming you already about the cutest cast member of Bridgerton season 2: a corgi.

Simone Ashley, who plays the role of Kate, and Jonathan Bailey, who plays the role of Anthony Bridgerton in rhe Netflix show, recently talked about their filming experience and some mischievousness of Newton aka Austin. Let’s find out more about Newton, the corgi dog.

Newton’s role in Bridgerton season 2

We know that Bridgerton is based on the novels of Julia Quinn. The second season will explore Anthony and his journey of finding a wife. In the novel, The Viscount Who Loved Me, we find out Newton is very dear to Kate and Edwina Sharma (Sheffield in the book), and most of the time, he involved himself in different kinds of mischievousness.

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The real name of Newton is Austin, and Charithra Chandran, Simone Ashley, and Jonathan Bailey have a lot of stories to share about the recent cast addition. They loved the dog during filming and had a lot of things to tell about him. Newton aka Austin is “not necessarily the best-behaved dog”, claims Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley about their co-star in Bridgerton Season 2. Newton adds sass to the show by never listening to others and only doing whatever he pleased.

Working with Newton, the Corgi

Recently, Entertainment Weekly uploaded a video where Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey share their slightly different experiences working with the adorable Corgi, Newton, in season 2 of Bridgerton.

Simon Ashley believed that when she was with Austin, he kind of listened to her. But most of the time, he ate snacks and did his own thing. She also said, “It was always a good day for me when he was on set.”

While on the other hand, Jonathan Bailey claims he didn’t get along with Newton aka Austin. He says Austin loves sausages. So, to handle the scene, the crew gives some crumbs of sausages to Anthony’s hand. So, that he will jump on Anthony’s lap.

From their conversation, we can guess it was difficult for the crew of Bridgerton season 2 to make Newton aka Austin perform certain scenes. Are you awaiting corgi’s brilliant performance in the upcoming season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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