What Is the Game Shown in Bridgerton Trailer? Here Are the Rules and History of the Sport

What Is the Game Shown in Bridgerton Trailer? Here Are the Rules and History of the Sport

With all the hype surrounding the new season of Bridgerton, fans are excited to analyze the trailer as much as they can for all the details they can find. One such aspect is the game they watch their favorite characters play. The game is highlighted time and again, leaving fans more intrigued than ever. Find here all the details you need of the same, including the history of the game and the extra importance it holds in the Bridgerton household.

Pall-mall: an extinct game being revived by a Netflix series

The name of pall-mall finds its roots in the Italian pallamaglio wherein palla means “ball” and maglio means “mallet”. As the name suggests, the game involves putting a ball through an arch with the help of a mallet. Viewers can find a brief glimpse of it in the trailer.

The game became wildly popular among the working class of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. It also became obsolete soon after and is now considered an extinct sport. However, it holds great importance to Bridgerton fans as it is when we see two unexpected characters bonding.

Why is pall-mall becoming so popular among Bridgerton fans?

We see time and again how very small details of a show or movie can spike fans’ interest in the same. Research group NPD claims that they saw an 83% hike in the sales of chess sets not 3 weeks after the release of Queen’s Gambit. Pall-mall in Bridgerton seems to have a similar effect on fans.

As all viewers of season 1 know, Anthony was quite the womanizer. Kate, who is not unlike the shrew Kate from Shakespeare’s comedy, is Edwina Sharma’s older sister. While Anthony and Edwina seemed to have hit it off, this Netflix series doesn’t seem to have a thing for uncomplicated plot lines. After all, what would Lady Whistledown write about if that wasn’t the case?

During a game of intense pall-mall, during which the Bridgerton family forgets all sportsmanship, Kate and Anthony end up bonding unexpectedly. Kate’s natural competitiveness earns the approval of Anthony’s sister Daphne. It is during this game that Kate also unlearns the prejudice she has against Anthony and disapproves of him less than she did before. The game is a turning point in the relationship of the central romance of the Netflix Original series.

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Of course, there could be diversions from the books as well, but this game will hold significant importance, nonetheless. Make sure you stream season 2 of Bridgerton as soon as it releases!

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