“There are new tricks to the trade”: Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley Break Down Their Intimate Scenes in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

“There are new tricks to the trade”: Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley Break Down Their Intimate Scenes in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Bridgerton season 2 is returning to Netflix on March 25th, 2022, and we are quite sure Jonathan Bailey aka Anthony Bridgerton will steal the spotlight for sure. In the first season, viewers didn’t get the chance to see that much of his performance. However, that didn’t stop him from leaving an impression on our hearts with his scenes with Sienna. This time, in season 2, we are sure the Viscount will have a hard time resisting one, Kate Sharma.

From the trailer, we already get a hint that Anthony will find himself in a scandalous love triangle with sisters Kate and Edwina Sharma. While Kate tries to stop Anthony from courting her sister and Anthony win over Kate and Edwina, the two get closer.

As is the norm in Bridgerton series, we can expect heart-throbbing, intimate scenes along with plenty of ballroom dancing. However, that leaves us wondering how Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley feel about having to act out intimate scenes?

Let’s hear it from them, shall we?

Jonathan Bailey on sex scenes in Bridgerton season 2

In a Radio Times Magazine interview, Jonathan Bailey from Bridgerton shared that the two most challenging scenes for him to shoot were the intimate and dance scenes. Intimacy coordination is fairly new as an industry. However, recently highly opted on shooting sets to ensure comfortable time for the actors involved. Bridgerton cast too had intimacy coordinators who made things simpler, and Bailey is in awe with this new industry. “There are new tricks to the trade—little cushions—and it’s amazing what you can do with a half-inflated netball,” the actor said.

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There are new rules now. For instance, two actors shooting an intimate sex scene must have three barriers between them. This helps separate them from each other and make it less awkward. So, a half-inflated netball can help to allow the movement without connecting physically.

Meanwhile, Simone Ashley, playing Kate Sharma in the upcoming season felt pretty confident about the scenes. Ashley says that they worked in a pretty safe environment with an amazing intimacy coordinator who encouraged them to portray the nuances of female pleasure.

“I wasn’t apprehensive. I’ve always been really confident in my sexuality and in my body. Like most teenage girls, there were years where I was insecure and in my head about myself, but I’ve learned to really have fun with it, enjoy myself and love myself more,” she said.

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