Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey Breakdown the Swoony Sex Scene of Kate and Anthony Under the Moonlit Sky in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey Breakdown the Swoony Sex Scene of Kate and Anthony Under the Moonlit Sky in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Bridgerton has some of the best steamy scenes of all the series on Netflix. However, while season 1 has bodice-ripping sex scenes of Daphne and the Duke, exploring their sexual life, in season 2, we don’t get nearly that many scenes. Instead, the new season made us wait with their of push-add-pull dynamic, longing glance, and almost kisses. All the tension finds a release in episode 7 when they finally make love after a ruined ball at the Bridgertons. While audience loved the scene, we are wondering how the scene came to be. Indeed there’s no better people to explain this than Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey.

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey explain their characters’ thoughts during the garden sex scene

In season 1, we are introduced to a London where if the lady is found alone with a man, it is the most scandalous thing to happen. This type of situation can ruin both their reputation and families. Furthermore, the gentleman has to propose to the lady for marriage.

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However, it is interesting to see Kate and Anthony risk ruin throughout the show. Their sexually-tense meet-ups in the woods, gardens, studies, and churches came with significant risk. Even their first sex scene happens in the Bridgerton garden post a ruined ball.

So, the foremost question for Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey will be, what were Kate and Anthony thinking during that scene? What if someone discovered them?

During a Decider interview, Simone says, “We were very conscious that maybe someone could’ve come outside and found them. That’s what breathes the tension, and that’s why Anthony tells Kate to shush, to be quiet because they don’t want to be heard, they don’t want to be discovered.” She even shares how every time Kate and Anthony try to spend some moment in privacy, something happens for sure.

What about Anthony? This is the same guy who ensured Simon married Daphne when he discovered them in the garden. While initially, Bailey says the elder Bridgerton has double standards, he was quick to change take his words back.

“I’ve done him dirty by saying that he’s got double standards because really, he realizes very quickly, the moment he succumbs, he’s going to propose.” Unfortunately for him, Kate doesn’t stick around until he was up and rebuffs him when he proposes to her after her recovery from the accident. From where she stood, it seemed as if he was proposing to her out of duty.

Regardless, the two do end up together and we loved the ride Kanthony took us even though there major differences from the book.

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