The Witcher: Understanding the Monsters of the Continent and How Big They Are

The Witcher: Understanding the Monsters of the Continent and How Big They Are

Andrzej Sapkowski filled the world of The Witcher with a plethora of mysterious beings. Taking inspiration from various cultures and mythologies; the Polish writer has indeed created something unreal, and yet intriguing enough to build stories in. Well, to be honest, Sapkowski worked a little too hard on his world-building. Hence, it is now time for us to sit down and understand how big and devastating these monsters of The Continent are.

While there are a vast variety of monsters in the books, the Netflix Original has featured only a handful of monsters. However, the quality of those monsters of breathtaking. Thanks to the amazing work of Zoltan Manyi, the Creature Concept Artist of the show. Anyway, with no further ado, let’s dive right into the bestiary of The Witcher world. But we will specifically talk about the size of the monsters, keeping in mind the idea, “bigger is not always the better.”

The ‘almost-the-same-size’ trio of The Witcher

Yes, there are differences in the capabilities, powers, and all-round adherence of these creatures, but surprisingly, they are of the same size. We are talking about the trinity that we met in The Witcher season 2 episode 2, ‘A Grain of Truth.’ The Human/Witcher Geralt, Nivellen, and, of course, the deadly Bruxa aka the rather cute Vereena.


The encounter of the three was chaotic, to say the least. However, it provided us an opportunity to look at Geralt’s long-lost friend. Nivellen is definitely not life-threatening at all, but it is his lover Vereena that would send chills to your spine. A piece of advice, if you ever find a beautiful girl creepily climbing up your bed, just run to Geralt. That is your best chance of survival. Trust us.

The Aeschna and the Myriapod

Next up we got two rather amazing beasts, namely the Aeschna and the Myriapod. We got a look at the Myriapod, thanks to that amazing fight sequence between it and the White Wolf. But sadly, the Aeschna never made it to the show. We hope to see it in the future someday because honestly the fight between the Aeschna and Geralt is truly exhilarating in the books, and we would definitely love to see it play out on the screen.

The Leshys of Netflix’s The Witcher

We all were excited to see the leshy when it was first announced to appear in season 2. However, we never thought that we will get to see two different kinds of leshys. The showrunner Lauren S, Hissrich, turned a fan-favorite character of Eskel into a mutated. It was fun and exciting to watch it, but it broke our heart to see him die. We also saw Queen Leshy, which was defeated by Geralt and Ciri in the woods surrounding Kaer Morhen.

The one beast who we hate the most and one we love

We have to say, even though there were 2 other villains in The Witcher season 2 that we were supposed to hate the most, i.e., The Deathless Mother and The Wild Hunt. Even then, there is nothing we hate more than Chernobog. Why? Because it killed Roach, it’s that simple. Well, truth be told, the Chernobog was also a pretty scary beast, but we swear to attack it and avenge the death of our dear Roach.

Sure, we expected a few more monsters and fights in the second season of The Witcher. But we don’t always get what we want, and as Vesemir said, “There’ll always be another monster, Geralt.”

We hope to see some new beasts in Netflix‘s The Witcher Season 3.

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