The Witcher Clip: A Look at Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir’s and Geralt’s Bond

The Witcher Clip: A Look at Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir’s and Geralt’s Bond

Just a few days before the release of The Witcher season 2, a video featuring Kim Bodnia and Henry Cavill has surfaced on the internet. Providing us with a look at the student-teacher bond between both these witchers; the clip has really got us in the mood to see more of Vesemir. Geralt’s teacher and mentor, Vesemir, is reminding him about the advice he gave and how Geralt never listened to him.

The new season of the beloved Netflix Drama is just around the corner, awaiting with silver and steel for monsters and humans, respectively. The show will tell the stories of Geralt, Cirilla, Yennefer; three characters that are connected by destiny and separated by war and devastation. This Netflix Original series is based on the beloved novels of the Polish writer, Andrzej Sapkowski. 

Kim Bodnia and Henry Cavill in the new The Witcher clip

Following a recent promo clip we saw from The Witcher 2, yet another video has surfaced which takes us to Geralt’s school. We can see Vesemir, the teacher of the Witcher school and Geralt, in this clip.

Geralt is training at the School of the Wolf, with his swift sword movements and jumping off the wooden logs. Meanwhile, Vesemir reminds him about his advice and Geralt’s mistake.

We can see The Witcher duo of Kim Bodnia and Henry Cavill working in perfect chemistry. Vesemir is asking Geralt about why he claimed the child from the Law of Surprise when he specifically told him it was a “big mistake”.

From the clip, we are clear that Geralt has upset his mentor, since he brought Ciri to Kaer Morhen, and he was well aware of this reaction before even doing that. The White Wolf anyway went ahead with his plan, as he had to protect Ciri from Nilfgaard.

Kim Bodnia appeared on ITV to talk about his experience of working with Henry Cavill, and he also told us what we can expect from The Witcher season 2.

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It is surely going to be a treat to watch Kim Bodnia on The Witcher alongside Henry Cavill himself. We now await December 17, 2021,i.e. the day we will finally meet the oldest witcher on the continent.

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