Ciri in The Witcher – a Comparison From the Books, the Series, and the Game

Ciri in The Witcher – a Comparison From the Books, the Series, and the Game

The fever of Netflix‘s The Witcher is still in the air, and we don’t think it will rest soon. Even though The Witcher saw Ciri playing a pivotal role in the story’s narration; there are many changes between her character in the TV series and in other mediums of The Witcher.

We all know that Andrzej Sapkowski‘s universe is quite extensive, with three different mediums at its disposal that explore the material. It is no doubt that there are various changes that can be found in the books, the series, and the games. Let us compare the character of Ciri from the books, the games, and the Netflix Original.

Relationship of Geralt and Ciri in The Witcher

One of the driving forces for the entire storyline of The Witcher is the relationship that Geralt and Ciri share. In both the games and the books, it takes Geralt a considerable amount of time to warm up to Ciri. He takes Ciri under his wing but returns her back to her home. It is much later that Geralt decides to work towards their supposed destiny and goes out looking for her.

Meanwhile, in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, Ciri and Geralt are already together. Even though this ensures a long and confirmed journey of the duo together, the show missed the opportunity to show us the character development of both Geralt and Ciri. Makes us a little doubtful of the connection they share in the show.

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The eminence of Ciri in The Witcher

The spotlight was much more shared in the show compared to the games. Creators primarily centered The Witcher games around Geralt, and thus provide us only his POV. Geralt and everyone who plays the games have next to no idea about what is happening elsewhere in the story. This, however, changed when the Netflix Original came.

The Witcher Season 1 introduced us to all three main characters very early and thus gave us a better understanding of their importance in the store. This will give us more to connect with Ciri’s character and also the character of Yennefer.

Her age in different mediums

In Sword of Destiny, when Geralt first meets Ciri in the Brokilon Forest, she was 10 years old and was described as “fair, mousy hair and huge, glaringly green eyes.” However, Ciri was merely 6 years old when Geralt first saw her in the books. Meanwhile, in The Witcher games, when Geralt first meets Ciri, she is 21 years old.

It was in 2019 when the filming of the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher began. During this time, Freya Allan was 17 years old. Hence, she appears to be rather young as compared to her counterpart in Witcher 3.

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