THE WITCHER Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich Answers Fans Questions Ahead of Season 2 Release

THE WITCHER Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich Answers Fans Questions Ahead of Season 2 Release

Netflix decided to give us all the treats right before Halloween; that too, with no tricks! Along with the release of The Witcher season 2 trailer, the showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich took to Twitter and answered several questions from the fans. Fans grabbed the opportunity with open hands as they asked Lauren about literally everything! Here are a few answers that caught my eye and were worth tossing a coin.

If you want to get answers about a book, the best person to ask is the writer; which for Witcher is Andrzej Sapkowski. But when talking about Netflix Original The Witcher, we ought to ask everything to the showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich.

About the pressure that came with creating The Witcher season 2

A fan asked a pretty serious question when he inquired if Lauren felt any pressure, considering the first season was such a huge success, and Lauren’s answer was just perfect; it read. “Pressure, no, not really. I was overjoyed to have a chance to tell more stories, reach more fans, improve certain things, and lean more into the family at the center of the show!”

One of the questions read, “How did you feel when you saw that The Witcher became one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever?” You should read the answer yourself-

About Geralt and his new armor

One thing that we noticed from the set images of The Witcher season 2 was the brand new armor; of course, fans were going to ask about it at the first opportunity they get. When asked about this new armor, Lauren told us about the idea and motive that went behind creating the armor (Henry Cavill himself contributed!)

About the goats and the mice in The Witcher season 2

The trailer ends with Jaskier showing off his new friends, two absolutely adorable mice. A fan was quick to note the presence and asked the showrunner about what has Jaskier named them; to which Lauren replied, “Yes. Wait and see!”

A user got a little too specific and inquired about the presence of goats at Kaer Morhen; she did get an answer, but Lauren kept the spoilers to herself.

You can check out more answers from The Witcher season 2 showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich here.

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