Did You Love ‘The Sound of Her Wings’ From ‘The Sandman’? Here’s What Went Behind The Looks of Dream

Did You Love ‘The Sound of Her Wings’ From ‘The Sandman’? Here’s What Went Behind The Looks of Dream

The Sandman is an evocative, atmospheric and sumptuous-looking triumph. With alluring and destructive supernatural beings in a deeply textured universe of fears and dreams; this blend of myth and magic in the modern world is delicious, dark, and comical. It embarks on the journey of Morpheus, the king of dreamland, as he goes on a quest for his lost objects and powers. The conversations that get brought up about life, death, and dreaming are certainly of great intrigue. And all of this would not have been possible without the perfectly crafted portrayal of our favorite characters from the fantasy world.

While each of the episodes is a triumph within itself, the stylish and visually appealing episode The Sound of Her Wings really pays dividends. Not just the narrative but the design of the costumes of Dream throughout the episode is just eye-widening. Now if you are a Sandman enthusiast, you will soon be thanking us. Netflix Geeked recently took to Twitter to pay homage to the artist behind Dream’s wonderful looks, and we are here to share the same with you.

From sketch to screen: How the costumes of the Sandman came to life in episode six

The sixth episode of Netflix’s dream series opens with Dream feeding the pigeons. He then has a chat with his sister, Death about how he feels purposeless despite having everything. Ironic enough, we see Death full of life and charm while the king of dreams himself couldn’t escape the trauma of the nightmare he went through. And although the episode left us in tears, Morpheus’s outfit is something that captured our interest. Netflix Geeked recently tweeted how the costume props came to life.

The devil is in the details, and the assistant costume designer sure has done a marvelous job. The vibrant styles perfectly set the tone of the episode while also blending perfectly with Dream’s character. In an effort to very much stick to the source, they bring his costumes to life per the timeline. For instance, in the modern world, we see him in a long coat with a high-neck sweatshirt while in the early periods his outfit consist of everything from frilled shirts to puffed sleeves. There must have been a lot of magic going on behind the scenes to produce such smart outfits.

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Let us take a moment to congratulate the entire design team. And while doing so, do let us know in the comment section which of Morpheus’s outfit did you love the most in The Sandman.

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