7 Times The Sandman Made Us Weep Like A Baby And Left Us Shattered

7 Times The Sandman Made Us Weep Like A Baby And Left Us Shattered

The arrival of the legendary adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comics left fans in a complete fascination. Viewers entered a world where all our hopeful dreams and rare imaginations are given birth. From monstrous creatures to angelic entities lives there in harmony under the rule of their king Morpheus.

Although the storyline is not confined to the journey of Dream as it also explores the experiences of other characters closely. There are several heartbreaking scenes in the series that left fans sobbing. Because these moments made us feel connected to the pain of the characters and touched our hearts. Let’s take a look at the best moments of the show that was worth every tear dropped.

The Sandman has made the show special for fans with an emotional outline

We have compiled the best seven scenes from The Sandman which made fans upset. While they also settled down like a beautiful memory in the hearts of viewers. SPOILER ALERT! For people who haven’t watched the show yet but it is certainly the best sneak peek of the show you will get.

Hob and Dream’s Friendship

The gradual development of a beautiful friendship between the medieval guy and an Endless was one of the most heartwarming things of the show. Dream giving him a boon of immortal life and their meetings at the end of every century had the essence of true companionship. Also, in that scene when they get into a fight and Hob gets worried about their next meet whether he will come or not. Fortunately, Dream comes following the sign Hob left for the new pub location and apologizes to him.

Rosemary’s salvation 

Rosemary was the truest embodiment of kindness and humanity in episode 4 of The Sandman. She helped a stranger without even giving a thought to who the man can be. Eventually, it turns out he is a psychopath and a murderer who reveals his monstrous actions through monologue. Rosemary becomes terrified that he will kill her and ask John to leave her dog. On the contrary, John gives her the amulet of protection telling her that she is a good person and she doesn’t need to fear anyone from now on.

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Agony of Nada 

Although the imprisonment of Nada was a fleeting moment when Dream entered the realm of Lucifer. But that single scene told a million stories of love and torment that a human heart experiences. Nada’s tears gave viewers chills when her plea to Dream that she will wait for his forgiveness. This tragic love story of the King of Dreams and a human had a heart-wrenching end. Where Nada ended up in confinement waiting for her love for 10,000 years which stated a period of endless suffering.

The rebirth of a nightmare

Gault was a sympathetic nightmare who escaped The Dreaming living in Jed’s dreams taking the face of his mother. She captured his mind to save him from all the brutality he was facing in the waking world. However, Morpheus misinterprets her intentions and sends her to darkness. Later, realizing the mistake made he recreates Gault and turns her from a nightmare into a dream. It was an emotional moment when Gault got wings that looked beautiful like a galaxy shining in the night sky.

Sacrifice of Gregory

Viewers met Gregory a spirited creature playing around with his little ball. Unfortunately, it is soon revealed that his first meeting with the viewers is his final goodbye too. The journey of Dream to save his kingdom cost a great sacrifice that brought unbearable pain for Cain and Abel. Dream visits the gargoyle asking for his permission to retrieve the life he once gave him. Gregory immediately submits to his creator turning into ashes so the land can restore its glory.

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Demolished realm of Morpheus 

The shining place and green towns collapsed of The Dreaming started collapsing when the power source was captured. Morpheus’s realm was created with his magical powers and it failed to sustain in his absence. Dream was staggered by the view of his world scattered into pieces lying in complete chaos. Lucienne told him that the territory just vanished when he didn’t come back. While all the creatures start leaving believing that their master has abandoned him.

Rachel on the verge of Death 

Johanna Constantine and Morpheus goes to her ex-girlfriend’s apartment to retrieve his sand pouch. Where they find out that Rachel on her deathbed holding to her memories with Johanna. It is heartbreaking to see that Rachel loved her girlfriend till death even when Johanna wasn’t aware of her condition. Seeing her rotting in a stinky room Johanna lashes out at Dream that his hopes to save humanity are empty if he couldn’t provide Rachel a peaceful end.

Neil Gaiman’s world of fantasy is currently streaming on Netflix. And don’t forget to let us know your favorite scene from the show.

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