Why Was Dream Kept Naked for 100 Years in ‘The Sandman’? Fans Have Some Hilarious Reasons for the Same and Some Adorable Ones as Well

Why Was Dream Kept Naked for 100 Years in ‘The Sandman’? Fans Have Some Hilarious Reasons for the Same and Some Adorable Ones as Well

The whirlwind of excitement, anticipation, and speculation around the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is finally at an end. The live-action series is out and streaming on the platform. Avid fans of The Sandman comics and even first-time watchers thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy with a welcome twist of mythology. Whether it was the performances, the writing, or the world-building, the 10-episode series received a lot of well-deserved love and appreciation. Having said that, you can trust the internet to take particular scenes and plot points out of context and twist them into meme-able content. The same happened with Dream’s century-long captivity.

The internet theorizes about Dream’s naked captivity

Recently, the official account of Netflix posted a snapshot from the first episode of The Sandman. We can see Dream, completely nude, locked up in a glass sphere, helpless and on display. Along with the question came a very important question.

You really mean to tell me they couldn’t find a way to give Dream pants in over 100 years?” Unsurprisingly, Twitter held nothing back to voice its two cents on the matter.

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A few replies had well-structured, valid, and logical answers that would make even Neil Gaiman proud.

Others showed sympathy for the immortal by asking better questions. While one fan was worried about his state during the harsh winters of England, the other pointed out that the poor thing ate nothing for 100 years. The least they could do was give him water, right?

A few Twitter users, though, hilariously questioned the budget of the Netflix show. With so much dough spent on the adorable Irvin/Goldie, the gargoyle, perhaps none was left over from Dream’s wardrobe. A fan even posted a cute picture of the baby gargoyle, stating that it doesn’t have pants either. You’ve got to love the internet.

What is The Sandman about?

For those in the dark, a sorcerer captures Morpheus, the titular character of The Sandman, and keeps him locked up for a century. Morpheus, aka Dream, probably could’ve cut the duration of his kidnapping short if he agreed to the terms of the ransom. But, the King of Dreams is an Endless with principles. He downright refuses and observes total silence for the entirety of his captivity. And yes, he doesn’t have a single item of clothing on him.

After he finally manages to escape, the show follows the King of Dreams in his quest to regain his powers and control of the dreaming realm. His journey includes retrieving his stolen belongings that encapsulate his abilities. As the storyline moves forward, Morpheus transforms from a robotic and a little cold-hearted being to someone who begins to understand and empathize with humans, as well as the misunderstood immortals in his kingdom.

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Why do you think they left Morpheus pants-less in his imprisonment? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you haven’t already, watch The Sandman now streaming on Netflix.

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