A Loop of Life and Death:‘The Sandman’ Brings to Life Cain and Abel in the Most Grounding Way Possible

A Loop of Life and Death:‘The Sandman’ Brings to Life Cain and Abel in the Most Grounding Way Possible

The massive new fantasy series, The Sandman, has hit the screens of Netflix and is currently big cheese of the streaming platform. The franchise is a DC property based on a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman. An anthology that starts to jump from different timeframes, Netflix finally has a perfect adaptation for the same.

Elevated by amazing acting and stunning visual effects, the story and the characters are incredibly faithful to the OG comic. Among many biblical references in the show, the story of Cain and Abel stands out for the unique representation of the two brothers.

Cain and Abel in The Sandman are refreshing

The realm of Morpheus/Sandman/Dream called the Dreaming, is unique and has creatures and individuals that represent dreams and nightmares. The two recurring loyal residents of the Dream, Cain and Abel, play a part in the second episode of the season. Based on the biblical account of Cain, the first murderer, and Abel, the first victim, the dynamic between the brothers forms the crux of episode two. As such, a recurring element in the series is Cain killing Abel repeatedly only for the latter to come back to life each time.

Cain and Abel’s personalities are also exemplifying the traits of the biblical characters. Cain is an ill-tempered brutal inhuman person who continuously kills his brother in a fit of pique. Abel is the polar opposite. He’s calm, gentle and revives each time hoping for his brother to stop. Despite this, they build a brotherly bond between them to keep up with this loop of life and death.

Perhaps the most standout thing about The Sandman version of Cain and Abel is the latter defending his brother. Abel can be seen hoping for a better relationship while also accepting and being okay with being murdered by Cain. Abel goes as far as justifying his brother’s actions with “he can’t help it. That’s just who we are.”

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The transition of worlds and stories in The Sandman hooked us all

There are a number of biblical undertones touching upon the concepts of The Sandman including, Lucifer, the fallen angel and the former ruler of hell and of course Cain and Abel. Although it’s not a full-on mythological story, fans are satisfied by the casting of the series. The episodes do not seem to have anything to do with the main story arcs.

That has so far been an impressive feat since the whole series is a kind of contemplation on the importance of stories, dreams and imagination to existence. The uncomfortable yet intriguing dark tangential stories fully capture the audience and keep them grounded. The vast array of genres conceiving a myriad of background settings is captivating. The maintenance of the dark and gothic visuals that stay consistent with a great CGI and background scores have hooked the fans in.

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