Tom Sturridge Went Extreme To Become Morpheus In ‘The Sandman’ That Felt Like a “Creature”

Tom Sturridge Went Extreme To Become Morpheus In ‘The Sandman’ That Felt Like a “Creature”

People who have already watched The Sandman must be mesmerized by this handsome face in the series. Tom Sturridge portrayed the role of Dream, who gets captured in an occult ritual by mistake. Right from the beginning, he received undivided attention from the audience. The actor did a remarkable job as he resembled the character Gaiman painted in the comics. His pale skin and black hair made him the perfect personification of Dream. In a recent interview, he detailed how Sturridge entirely dedicated himself to making this character feel authentic. Keep reading to know more about how Tom went extreme to become Morpheus in the series.

Tom Sturridge prepared himself physically for his role in The Sandman

Tom Sturridge sat down with Digital Spy to talk about the renowned comic character he embodied onscreen. He said adapting this comic image was a big challenge both mentally and physically. The presentation of his physical aspects holds a crucial place in the series because Morpheus wasn’t a character, who expressed himself in traditional ways.

“And so the way that he moves, I think, could be an enlightening way of how he can articulate himself,” said the actor.

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We saw that at the beginning of the show Tom was sitting in a glass without any clothes. The actor had to sit for about 45 minutes to shoot that scene. It was a demanding scene since Dream needed to look like an otherworldly entity. Therefore, the actor had to make it believable for viewers that they are meeting one of the most powerful entities that ever existed.

“I wanted to build a body that felt like a creature and was true to the images that are in the comics,” conveyed Tom. Moreover, he added that he had to follow a strict diet to make him look like a structure of “sinew and bone” only. The actor used to work out rigorously and eat less to become what we saw in The Sandman.

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Tom Sturridge believed it was nothing in front of the admiration and love they received from millions of fans. Their reaction concerned him more than the hard work and difficulties he faced in the shooting. The Sandman is adapted from Neil Gaiman’s legendary comics that got published for about 8 years in 75 issues. How do you like the acting of Tom Sturridge in Netflix’s current top show, The Sandman? Leave your views in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Tom Sturridge Went Extreme To Become Morpheus In ‘The Sandman’ That Felt Like a “Creature”

  1. Reply
    August 30, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    I absolutely LOVE Tom Sturridge’s portrayal of The Sandman. He does look like more creature than man. Love that face!

  2. Reply
    Samantha Levesque
    November 4, 2022 at 5:10 pm

    I can’t even! He is so sexy!

  3. Reply
    November 7, 2022 at 8:33 pm

    Outstanding job. I almost quit watching after I saw the scrawny being like Dream. I didn’t know if I could continue on watching because he looked rather hideous. (Just saying) It wasn’t until episode 2 or 3that he transformed into the most attractive, seductive character that drew me in like a moth to flame. Now at the end of season 1, I find myself empty and longing for season 2. He is magnificent in this role.

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