WATCH: The Haunting Brilliance of Mason Alexander Park AKA Desire From ‘The Sandman’

WATCH: The Haunting Brilliance of Mason Alexander Park AKA Desire From ‘The Sandman’

The Netflix adaptation based on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is finally online and has received a lot of well-deserved praise. Noted as one of the most stunning live-action renditions of comic books, the Netflix show is in the Top 10 list of around 89 countries. Every portrayal, mortal or immortal shines on the screen, bringing alive the beloved characters from the fantasy world. One such performance that has definitely left a mark is by Mason Alexander Park. They play the gorgeous, yet maliciously manipulative Desire in The Sandman.

The spine-chilling presence of Desire in The Sandman

Recently, Netflix Geeked took to Twitter and uploaded a haunting scene with Desire from The Sandman. The tweet was essentially a Mason Alexander Park appreciation post applauding their soul-stirring voice and evocative embodiment of Desire. The clip shows Desire and their twin Despair plotting against their brother, Morpheus. 

Set in the ‘Threshold’, their almost art gallery-like realm, the red in the background pops up only to be complimented by Park’s sultry voice. They plot about bringing down their “smug brother” who believes that “his realm is superior” to theirs. Unsurprisingly, we can see Despair almost getting convinced about harming her own sibling. Honestly, with a voice like that, we could be influenced into doing absolutely anything. We just wouldn’t know whether to fear them or lust after them. Perhaps, it’s a deadly combination of the two.

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Who is Desire of The Endless?

Desire is a part of The Endless family in The Sandman. They are “beings in some ways more powerful than gods.” The third youngest of the celestial family, Desire, is the metaphysical manifestation of their name. This genderless and androgynous sibling enjoys toying around with people around them, especially humans. In control of every being’s deepest and darkest desire, they prey on this weakness for sport, making them one of the most dangerous of The Endless.

Their relationship with their brother Dream is strained, to say the least. Never on the same side of the morality debate, they are often at each other’s throats. Desire has no respect for humans and therefore detests the holier-than-thou personalities of their elder siblings. No wonder there is constant conflict. Even in Netflix’s The Sandman, they always keep a close eye on Morpheus, conspiring ways to knock him off of his high horse.

At times, they even put the king of dreams in fatal danger. For instance, in the final episode, Dream realizes that Desire was the “man with golden eyes,” who impregnated Unity Kincaid during her long sleep. That, in turn, gave birth to the Dream Vortex Rose Walker, who had the potential to be the end of Morpheus.

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While they might be the malicious master of puppets and a threat to everyone around them, we, for one, cannot get enough of Desire in The Sandman. What do you think of Mason Alexander Park as the gorgeous villain? Refresh your memory by watching The Sandman on Netflix and let us know your thoughts.

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