“That’s a long-standing dream of mine”- Ryan Reynolds on Why Driving Over Hugh Jackman Is Important

“That’s a long-standing dream of mine”- Ryan Reynolds on Why Driving Over Hugh Jackman Is Important

There is a huge benefit of being a writer that no one has. It’s that writers can play with the characters and their abilities. An added benefit is that they get to create an entire universe with their words. Why we’re saying this? Because as we all are hyping over Wolverine restructuring and coming back to Deadpool 3, there are yet many unanswered questions about that, and Ryan Reynolds took us all the way back to 2018.

Deadpool is the spin-off in the X-Men film series and the eighth installment overall. When Deadpool first appeared in the movie, he was criticized. Therefore, the creative heads worked together to create the character more lively. Thus, comes the amazing Canadian-American actor who has given his best to be faithful to the character. Now that the third part, Deadpool 3, is in the line, the actor talked about Hugh Jackman.

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Why does Ryan Reynolds want to drive over Hugh Jackman?

Since the day Ryan started working on Deadpool, and despite knowing Wolverine dies at the end, he kept asking Hugh to come back. There are certain friendships that you admire because of the sheer honesty they share with each other. Well, while everyone has big questions about the truthfulness of Hugh’s return, Variety took us back to 2018. At the premiere of Deadpool 2, they asked Reynolds if he would like to share the screen with Wolverine. This is what Deadpool had to say.

“That’s a long-lasting dream of mine. But sadly, it’s Hugh Jackman. That’s the skin-covered speed bump on the road to that sort of happiness,” expressed Deadpool star back in 2018. Well, as Variety tweeted this post, Ryan, as usual, added his sense of humor to it and wrote back, “But it’s also important to drive over speed bumps.” When they were working on the movie, The Proposal star repeatedly asked Hugh Jackman about his return to the universe. But he didn’t get the answers that he wanted. And now, finally, the Wolverine is coming back. Maybe he refers to the idea of driving over to that. The actor never fails to make his fans fall for him repeatedly with this type of witty presence of mind.

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While the fans are preparing themselves for the surprising return of their beloved MCU character, what are you excited about? Have you seen all the X-Men films? How did you like Deadpool then and in the spin-off movies? Until Deadpool 3 arrives, let’s share our favorite Ryan-Hugh moments here in the comment box below.

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