Is Hugh Jackman Returning as Logan? Ryan Reynolds Drops Hints in a ‘Deadpool 3’ Video

Is Hugh Jackman Returning as Logan? Ryan Reynolds Drops Hints in a ‘Deadpool 3’ Video

Did you shed a tear when Wolverine died brutally in Logan? Looks like the sadness was not permanent. Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool 3 video has given us hope in Hugh Jackman’s return. The third part is a new beginning as it officially joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe, post Disney’s purchase from 20th Century Fox.

Deadpool’s character first appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, back in 2009, which was focused on Jackman’s character. The version showed a silent version of Deadpool, with his mouth sewn up. It drew criticism, and rightly so, since one of the best features of Deadpool is his comical dialogues. Logan was promoted in 2016 with the announcement that this will be the last one, as Logan dies. But that is the beauty of fantasy characters, and Ryan may have hinted at the character’s return.

Ryan Reynolds hints about Hugh Jackman returning to MCU through Deadpool 3 video

Ryan Reynolds, being active on social media, gives regular surprises through his posts. This time he has announced the USP of Deadpool 3. Being his comical self, he talks about his process of making every Deadpool stand out, out by thinking deeply inside, for a long time, but he has nothing. In the background, you see Hugh ‘The Wolverine’ Jackman casually pass by. Reynolds asks him, “Hey, Hugh. You want to play Wolverine one more time?” To which Jackman replies, “Sure”. 

The video ends with Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, with the word ‘you’ replaced with Hugh. The interesting teaser ends with the Deadpool 3 logo, clawed across by Wolverine, indicating the amazing crossover. Although Logan could be seen again in the future, Hugh Jackman will be replaced by a fresh face, likely making Deadpool 3 his last appearance in the character. Logan director James Mangold also acknowledged Wolverine’s comeback with a GIF of the character’s death scene.

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Clearly, Marvel characters Wolverine and Deadpool have come a long way, with no end in the future. Moreover, this part should come as an ultimate comfort for Reynolds, having worked both with Hugh and director Shawn Levy before, who also directed Free Guy. The wait will be long, as the release date for Deadpool 3 is set for September 6, 2024. Do you think it will be worth the amplified marketing? Let us know in the comments.

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