When Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool Mimicked Hugh Jackman To Get Votes For Sexiest Man Alive

When Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool Mimicked Hugh Jackman To Get Votes For Sexiest Man Alive

Ryan Reynolds is widely adored for his pranks, banter, and an insanely good sense of humor. The 45-year-old star has given fans unmissable moments that make them laugh every single time. The incredible Hollywood celebrity comes under the category of the most celebrated of all time. With movies like Free Guy, The Adam Project, Deadpool, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Hitman’s Bodyguard. and Green Lantern, he has embodied versatile roles.

Therefore, he resides in every heart, and fans love him for his kindred spirit. Because Ryan is so real, and people are always happy around him as he finds new ways to make them laugh. Like when he mimicked Hugh Jackman in his Deadpool avatar to get votes for the sexiest man alive.

Ryan Reynolds did a hysterical re-enactment on Hamish & Andy talk show

In 2015, Ryan Reynolds sat down with the famous RJ duo Hamish and Andy to have a chit-chat. The hosts surprised the X-Men Origins star with his video where he imitated Hugh Jackson in a Deadpool avatar. In the video, he mimicked the style of his long-time friend and called him the sexiest man alive.

Moreover, Hamish and Andy said that they had got a rebuttal recorded when Jackson last visited them. “I’m Ryan Reynolds yeah, that’s me all right good old Ryan Reynolds,” the audio clip.

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After hearing the funny audio clip, Reynolds cracks up laughing and asks the hosts whether it was real. Therefore, they reveal that it was a joke, and the actor did not record any impression.

Moving forward, Hamish and Andy requested the Canadian star to do a re-enactment of his own catchphrase. So he introduced himself comically in a deep voice while the RJs rolled with laughter on the set. On the work front, Ryan has many interesting projects, including Spirited, Everyday Parenting Tips, Dragon’s Lair, Red Notice 2, and Free Guy 2.

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Have you watched the recent virtual Aviation Gin tour Ryan gave to fans? Go take a look at the video available on his YouTube channel. Until then, keep Netflixing and streaming all your favorite shows. And don’t forget to tell us about how you enjoy these funny moments with this amazing star.

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