Henry Cavill, Who Fans Pictured as Wolverine Has Already Done Something Hugh Jackman Perfected During His Role

Henry Cavill, Who Fans Pictured as Wolverine Has Already Done Something Hugh Jackman Perfected During His Role

The Geralt of Rivia, Superman, Napoleon Solo, and every Henry Cavill role has the actor looking like an Adonis. Cavill is widely applauded for the sheer perfection he brings to his performance. Be it as the Geralt of Rivia or our favorite Superman in the DC universe, the devotion with which he plays his role makes them evergreen. The British actor has talked about the strict diet and workout regime he has to follow given the types of characters that he plays. For instance, in The Witcher, Cavill had to learn sword fighting for real.

Given the brilliance and popularity of the actor, Henry Cavill’s entry into the Marvel cinematic universe is long overdue. While he would make any role that he plays iconic, fans have time and time again swooned over pictures of Cavill playing the Wolverine. And this is no easy feat to achieve after Hugh Jackman set the bar too high with his performance. Both the actors have a body that has most of us nudging our family packs. While it is still not confirmed whether both Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman will have ‘Wolverine’ as a common factor in their portfolio, there is something that both the actors have in common.

Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman did THIS for their shirtless scenes

Hugh Jackman’s six-pack abs in The Wolverine were to die far. Clips of him turning into his X-man persona have been viral for years now. Similar to how Henry Cavill’s shirtless scenes have always managed to make us take a pause.

Both the actors follow strict diets and workout regimes in between their busy schedules. But the two of them have taken the extra mile to bring perfection to their shirtless scenes that will blow your mind. Henry Cavill on the Graham Norton show has talked about dehydrating himself before shooting the swoon-worthy scenes. For four days before shooting, the water intake was limited.

The actor explained that this is done to increase the visibility of the muscles as the skin becomes thin. The Man Of Steel himself admitted that it was the hardest part. Both the actors have once again proved how devoted they are to their craft. While we wait for Henry Cavill’s entry into MCU, check him out as the Geralt of Rivia on Netflix.

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