Will Ryan Reynolds Once Again Ditch Blake Lively on the Sets of ‘Deadpool’ for THIS Esteemed Hollywood Actor?

Will Ryan Reynolds Once Again Ditch Blake Lively on the Sets of ‘Deadpool’ for THIS Esteemed Hollywood Actor?

Ryan Reynolds has portrayed a wide range of characters in his long career of 30 years in Hollywood. Yet the actor is most commonly associated with Deadpool for his real-life amusing personality resembles Wade Wilson. This character got on-screen recognition when he first appeared in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Later, they adapted the character more faithfully in the first installment created by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick in 2016.

The comic version of this superhero was instantly liked by viewers and the movie got commercial and critical success. Now creators are back with the much-anticipated sequel of this film. With many known faces coming back to the fans, there is one Hollywood Superstar that might share the screen with Reynolds once again. But the most intriguing question is that will the Green Lantern star ditch Blake Lively once again on the sets of Deadpool 3 for this esteemed actor?

This Hollywood star may join Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3

Fans can’t keep calm since the arrival of Deadpool 3 has been announced with a new amazing twist. Based on the Marvel Comics, Deadpool is finally entering Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means Ryan Reynolds might be seen with other superheroes, including Thor, Spider-Man, and Hulk among others. Thus, viewers will get the chance to see this mutant superhero involved in the storylines of MCU. But there is one more exciting news about this movie.

As reported by MensXP there is another celebrated personality of American Cinema is speculated to be seen in Deadpool 3. Yes, it is none other than The Lost City star Brad Pitt who has previously worked in the movie.

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Brad had a cameo in Deadpool 2 and played the short-lived X-Force member, Vanisher. So there are chances that he will be seen in the most awaited installment to be renewed after five years. And if the actor is featured, he will continue with his previous character. Interestingly, the question here is for Ryan Reynolds: Will he invite his wife to the sets this time because he didn’t inform Blake last time about Brad Pitt?

Meanwhile, on Twitter, it was revealed that Deadpool will also revel in the iconic movie Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. All the amazing movies are getting ready for their arrival, and there are hints that huge Marvel stars are going to be a part of Deadpool 3.

Can you contain your excitement after all these astounding revelations? Would you like to see the God of Thunder with Ryan Reynolds? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

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