John Krasinski Hints at a MCU Team-up With Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, But How True Is It?

John Krasinski Hints at a MCU Team-up With Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, But How True Is It?

Fans might have known Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski as double date buddies, from the time they were spotted with their beautiful wives leaving the Guggenheim Museum. Although people do not know much about their friendship because they haven’t done a movie or show together, there is one thing common between them: Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, The Office star surprised fans with his cameo as Reed Richards in the box office hit Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And now Reynolds is entering the world of superheroes with his highly anticipated movie Deadpool 3. Surprised by the news, John Krasinski hinted at an MCU team-up with his friend. But is it true? Is he planning to join the MCU team once again?

John Krasinski reacted to the sneak peek video shared by Ryan Reynolds

In a recent video shared by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, he talked about what new he has experienced in Deadpool 3. After watching the clip Emmy nominated actor John Krasinski retweeted the post with an intriguing caption. “Wait… is this our movie?” questioned The Quiet Place star, which seemed to indicate that he might come back to MCU.

John left fans enamored with his performance and fulfilled people’s wishes to see him in Marvel Universe. And this mysterious tweet has once again raised curiosity since Deadpool 3 is the biggest buzz of September. Moreover, the video revealed that Hugh Jackman would be joining Ryan Reynolds, portraying his iconic role of Wolverine.

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Meanwhile, Shawn Levy, who is directing Deadpool 3, reacted to Krasinski’s question saying: “Sorry JK, this one’s all mine.” The chain of these events might be confusing for many because Krasinski and Ryan are working together on Imagined Friends.

However, there is no such information about this duo sharing the MCU screen. In fact, it is possible that the actor got confused between the movies or just did it for fun. Still, fans are hopeful that he may return as Mister Fantastic, which does make sense as multiverse is a big place and definitely unpredictable.

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What do you think Krasinski tried to convey through his tweet? Would you like to see these MCU friends in one frame? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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