Tom Holland to Return as Spiderman in Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s ‘Deadpool 3’? Fans Hunt Down the News

Tom Holland to Return as Spiderman in Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s ‘Deadpool 3’? Fans Hunt Down the News

First Wolverine, now Spiderman? Well, the world of MCU can do anything, truly. Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds’ third part of the Deadpool series is expected to be on a larger scale than the first two, considering the buzz it has been making. The superhero film was first released in 2016 and now, in less than a decade, the third part is set to be out in 2024. The first two movies made a combined profit of $782million against a budget of $58 million, breaking the record for X-men films.

Considering the numbers, it is no wonder the movie managed to rope in Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in this film. Since the two are connected, with Deadpool first appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine with a sewed-up mouth. So the news of Wolverine’s inclusion, which was announced through social media, made the fans uber excited. Within days after that announcement, another post announced breaking news of Spiderman Tom Holland joining the ‘merc with a mouth’ in its upcoming project. But fans have one issue with this news.

Tom Holland making a cameo with Hugh Jackman in Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3

Crossovers in the cinematic world, especially MCU is always exciting. But when news of Spiderman’s inclusion in part 3 of Deadpool was announced, fans were cautious. The post-announcement was made on Twitter by a page called MCU Source which has a following of 15.7k followers. With such a significant amount of followers, they ought to be reliable, yes? Marvel fans are not so sure. The post was made with the caption, BREAKING: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/#SpiderMan will have a cameo in #Deadpool3!” It has received 39.5k likes so far and retweeted more than three thousand times. But fans have one question.

What is the source of this news? Know that the Wolverine x Deadpool announcement was made on Ryan Reynolds’ verified page. Even modifying the Deadpool symbol with three claw marks across it, represents Logan’s involvement. Meanwhile, Peter Parker’s inclusion has only been mentioned by a verified page, with no legitimate or concrete proof. Fans instead trolled the post will all sorts of hilarious replies.

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If any such news is confirmed in the future, would you like to see Spiderman joining Wolverine and Deadpool for a triple threat? Let us know in the comments.

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