‘House of the Dragon’ Fail To Crack ‘Stranger Things’ Search Count By Massive Margin

‘House of the Dragon’ Fail To Crack ‘Stranger Things’ Search Count By Massive Margin

July 1st, 2022: This was the date when the entire Netflix platform saw an Upside Down effect. Yes, it was exactly on that day we got the tantalizing second volume of Stranger Things 4. There is no doubt that the fantasy drama has been a flagship show ever since its arrival, breaking all the viewership records and changing the history of popular culture. Well, then arrived Game of Thrones’ prequel House of the Dragon.

Set in Westeros approximately 200 years before Daenerys laid claim to King’s Landing, the series, the prequel chronicles House Targaryen at the pinnacle of its fiery might. Notably, its opening episode gathered a huge audience. HBO reported it had the highest viewership in the entire history of the streaming service. However, it seems like even such a huge fan base could not free the world from Vecna’s grasp.

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Although HBO’s biggest hit, House of the Dragon could not beat Stranger Things search count

When the HBO original first premiered, the streamer registered the highest audience live on the platform throughout its history. Even the world wide web and search engines like google were overflowing with a single search topic, House of the Dragon. But such a huge fanbase of Game of Thrones surprisingly couldn’t surpass the Stranger Things aficionados.

Recently, one of the What’s on Netflix employees took to Twitter to share a google trends disclaimer comparing the interest over time ratio of both series. And as you can see below, the results are just crazy! The number of times Stranger Things or a related term is searched when its 2nd volume hit Netflix is way more than the Game of Thrones prequel.

The blue line in the graph represents Stranger Things’ search count over time, while the red one (towards the end) represents that of House of the Dragon. As one can clearly see, even much after the release of Netflix’s flagship show, it remains one of the most searched terms till the very date.

Had the streaming giant released one episode a week, the graph might have always been constantly peaking. With season 5 bringing the show’s grand finale, fans leave no opportunity to grab on any information they get. Such is the trance of Vecna! Once trapped, you will always want to go back to his world.

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