“Shedding one character to go and talk about another”: Graham McTavish Unveils His Obsession For Fantasy Dramas, Including ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘The Witcher’

“Shedding one character to go and talk about another”: Graham McTavish Unveils His Obsession For Fantasy Dramas, Including ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘The Witcher’

As Sheldon Cooper once said, “We happen to live in the Golden Age of Television.” With science fiction and fantasy creeping their way into the mainstream, these words are truer today than they have ever been. So, what do you say about someone who has jumped on the fantastical bandwagon so high that he’s slowly becoming synonymous with the genre? We are obviously talking about the Scottish actor Graham McTavish.

Known best for his role as Dwalin in The Hobbit film trilogy, McTavish is hardly a novice to this world. From Preacher to Outlander, it seems historical fiction and fantasy flow in his DNA. Currently, he is working on two massive shows simultaneously that are flagships of their respective streamers. Let’s find out how the Scottish actor does it all.

Graham McTavish sleeps with his fantasy land in bed

In the last few years, the entertainment world has taken a major step up in terms of storylines and characters. From ancient mystic legends of kings to the greatest of warriors wielding their mighty swords. Whether it’s the tale of Morpheus searching for his totems and a purposeful existence or the Geralt of Rivia vowed to protect Ciri. These fantasy worlds have enamored us as we wish them to be true, while only some get the chance to live it in some way. And Graham McTavish is one of those people who got to experience different worlds of fantasy.

In a recent interview with New York Post Graham McTavish revealed how these fantasy stories have become his world. The actor is currently working with two shows as he plays Sigismund Dijkstra in The Witcher and Ser Harrold Westerling in House of the Dragon, a new spin-off of the legendary drama Game of Thrones.

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During the conversation, he was asked by the team: “Were your roles in these franchises a deliberate choice?” In answer to the question, he expressed his love for this fantasy world. The 61-year-old stated that whatever story has a sword, cloak, candle, and a horse he would definitely go for it. He sleeps with these things in his bed since he is a fantastical person.

Moreover, Graham talked about how he has been constantly involved in this fantasy world for about 12 years. And now he is juggling between The Witcher and House of the Dragon going straight from one set to another.

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“It was very odd. Literally shedding one character to go and talk about another,” said the actor. It was a bizarre experience for him when he was shooting The Witcher in the morning and directly went for House of the Dragon’s premiere later. How do you like the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard? Leave your comments below.

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