Sadie Sink Giggles Watching Max “Die”, Meanwhile Caleb McLaughlin Is Visibly Traumatized

Sadie Sink Giggles Watching Max “Die”, Meanwhile Caleb McLaughlin Is Visibly Traumatized

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4. With the wrap of the much-anticipated Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2, everyone is only talking about the 2-hour 22-minute grand finale. The epic battle, cutting-edge CGI and overall production value, incredible performances, and of course, tragic losses. The final episode was so perfect that it’s almost unbelievable. However, we lost the beloved Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) and perhaps Max, played by Sadie Sink.

Every character in Stranger Things put their blood and sweat (literally) against the diabolical force of evil that was Vecna. With so much going down in the last episode, one character that made the audience mourn the most is probably Max. And it doesn’t help that her storyline is still up in the air!, as Sadie sink revealed to Deadline.

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Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin react to Max on screen

In an interview with host Felicia Day from Netflix Geeked, the entire cast, as well as the creators, broke down the final two episodes of Season 4. Every actor talked about their respective character’s journey and also hinted at the future that lies ahead with Stanger Things 5. During the interview, Day played a clip of Max’s final scene, and we see the whole group’s body language and expression change.

While Caleb McLaughlin, who portrays Lucas Sinclair, is absolutely wide-eyed and traumatized, Sadie Sink reacts- Max herself reacts with a short giggle. When asked how her character “went through the wringer“, Sadie replies, “The last two episodes were kind of insane.” She also admits she had “never seen that (the clip) before.

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When asked about how they felt after finally watching the scene, McLaughlin chimed in. “When you see it all it puts in one, it gives me chills. It was crazy. It’s actually crazy to see.” He opens up about the preparation and the whole filming process. He then adds, “But when you see it all come together, it’s like ‘Oh, it was worth it’. It was like, ‘Wow, that’s why we’re doing this.'”

The final scene with Max and Lucas

Despite only getting introduced in Season 2, Max now has a prominent part in the show. She is one of the first to interact with the main antagonist, Vecna. Max was also Vecna’s prime target in the fourth season, as Billy’s (Dacre Montgomery) death made her particularly vulnerable. In volume 2, she baits herself so her friends can defeat Vecna.

While the misdirect fails, Vecna’s gut-wrenching torture technique, including the IT-style balloon sequence, was absolutely macabre. We hear her legs shattering, and she is unable to see anything. She finally dies in Lucas’s arms before being brought back to life by Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), only to slip into a coma.

Now that the season has ended, Sink and the others attempt to bring light to the show’s finale. Even the writers of the show tweeted a joke regarding Max’s fate. What did you think of the finale? Will Max come back in season 5 even though Eleven couldn’t find her? Let us know in the comments.

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