This Upside Down Gown Inspired By ‘Stranger Things’ Set Will Make You Gasp

This Upside Down Gown Inspired By ‘Stranger Things’ Set Will Make You Gasp

Ever since we have known the world of Vecna, we get chills down our gut whenever we see one of the Stranger Things characters trapped in his trance by sinister veins. However, have you ever wondered if someone could look breathtakingly gorgeous covered in those sinister things? What if we told you we found a stunning lady, looking absolutely enchanting, covered in those deadly lenticels?

Apparently, a model on Twitter posted pictures wearing what she called an Upside Down Gown. She took the breath of Stranger Things fans away with her latest post. Now, if you are a fashion expert or looking for your next fancy dress competition costume, you must give this a read without a miss.

Elien in this Upside Down Gown looks incredible

Have you ever thought about turning Stranger Things’ Upside Down into a gown? Well, Elien, a popular fashion designer on Twitter, had this incredible idea and created a masterpiece. Notably, the set of Upside Down is her inspiration. The entire set was made with plastic and pool noodles, which was enough for her to create this amazing thing. Interestingly, she entirely made the dress from leftover plastic, a few old laces, and a bit of a wire. Furthermore, she has painted it by hand using acrylics mixed with wood glue for extra texture.

And the makeup she was wearing aptly adds up to the sinister look. The seemingly sucked and nude get-up with dark under-eye circles to make it appear as if she is consumed by the Upside Down is just perfect. Moreover, her hair too gives her the perfect she-vecna look. The dress is short in the front and long in the back, which allows her to flaunt the beautiful shoes as well.

Furthermore, if we pay attention to the setting of her shoot, the dark lightning and the dim background makes a perfect Upside-Down look to enhance her gown’s beauty. In yet another post, we can see her blushing and asking for Vecna’s hand to go on a prom. Let’s hope her love may put his mind in place.

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Fans commented on this Stranger Things gown

Fans were pretty impressed by seeing this gown and commented on how stunning she looks. Well, there’s no denial to that.

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Elien, popularly known as Lie, is a cosplayer and has notably designed many such outfits inspired by a character. But this was another level of artwork. Did you also get goosebumps seeing her in this bewitching Upside Down gown? Do tell us in the comment section below. Stranger Things season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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