Throwback to the Time When Winona Ryder Let the World Know About ‘Stranger Things’

Throwback to the Time When Winona Ryder Let the World Know About ‘Stranger Things’

It is hard to imagine a time before Stranger Things. But believe it, or not the hit supernatural show has been around only for six years. And to celebrate the show’s immensely successful six-year run, why not take a look back to when it was just beginning to shoot? Netflix always keeps its important projects under tight wraps. As a result, one of the few people who knew about the show was its star, Winona Ryder.

Today, we are taking a look at one of the first times the world got to know about the phenomena that Stranger Things would become in just six short years.

The time when Winona Ryder talked about Stranger Things for the first time

Who knew back in 2016 that a show about a group of friends, heavily inspired by the horror genre of the 80s and a completely fresh cast, would go on to break every single record in the book? Well, that’s just what Stranger Things did.

The show’s first season premiered on July 15th, six years ago in 2016. But it started its production almost a year before, in 2015. Very few people knew about the project back in its initial days.

However, as far as anyone can remember, the first time the words Stranger Things were uttered was by Winona Ryder.

At the 53rd New York Film Festival in 2015, when Winona was asked what projects she was currently a part of, the then 43-year-old actress replied by saying that she was doing a show for Netflix called Stranger Things.

But she could not go into further details as it was a secret at that time. This was one of the few moments in human history when we got to witness history being made right before our eyes.

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Everything that took place after July 15th, 2016, has been history in the making. No TV show can even come close to the scale of popularity and fan base that the Netflix Original has reached.

With one final showdown left, it is safe to say that Stranger Things is going to stay in people’s memories for a long time to come.

Did you guys remember seeing the first episode of Stranger Things? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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