‘Stranger Things’ 4 Breaks Back-To-Back 2 Netflix Records Surpassing Bridgerton 2 By 93.7 Million Hours

‘Stranger Things’ 4 Breaks Back-To-Back 2 Netflix Records Surpassing Bridgerton 2 By 93.7 Million Hours

As expected by the fans, Stranger Things‘ new season has once more come victorious, becoming the best show available on Netflix. The show has broken all records that were ever created this year by series including the acclaimed period drama Bridgerton 2. Let’s see what made viewers go mad about Stranger Things 4. 

Stranger Things 4 has received extraordinary viewership becoming the top title on Netflix 

After the release of Bridgerton 2 people thought that nothing more ecstatic could come on the internet. When season 2 of Bridgerton mesmerized viewers with its English legacy and Asian culture. The electric connection between Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton took over social media and people were swooning over their romance. However, Stranger Things 4 overpowered every other show and grabbed the audience’s attention very instant. 

According to Variety, the show has received 287 Million Watch Hours which a show on Netflix has never got in its whole history. Therefore, viewers’ wait for 3 long years has paid off as people called the show a massive comeback even better than the previous seasons. In addition, the plot of Vecna and new locations has given the show a completely new perspective which fans liked. 

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The remarkable acting of the characters has made the show a real hype

Undoubtedly, the acting in season 4 has taken the show to cloud 9 as several scenes left viewers wonderstruck. The season was packaged with scary and intense moments where many gruesome deaths took place. The horrible death of new characters like Chrissy and Billy left a shivering impact on the audience. However, Max’s curse was the season’s highlight when she was seen fighting for life hanging above in the air. 

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Also, Millie‘s acting impressed people as Eleven dwelled on her past hidden memories. And found out the most shocking truth about Upside Down. We get to know the story of Henry Creel who is also 001 and Peter Parker and Vecna simultaneously. Jamie Campbell Bower has taken place in people’s hearts through his acting as we saw an innocent human under the devilish intention. 

Season 4 wrecked all the records of viewership by attaining 193 million hours in its first week. Currently, the show is trending as the number 1 show with 287 million hours viewed. Hence, there is nothing more to say about such an extraordinary achievement as the show has captivated fans this year. And now waiting for volume 2 feels like a thousand years!

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