Young Eleven in Stranger Things 4 Is NOT Millie Bobby Brown, but Someone She Directed

Young Eleven in Stranger Things 4 Is NOT Millie Bobby Brown, but Someone She Directed

From all the experiences we enjoy while watching our favorite shows, the part where we get to see flashbacks and younger versions of characters has to be the most amazing. There is a sense of nostalgia we feel when we travel back in time with them. And that is why when the fourth season of Netflix’s most celebrated series Stranger Things took us back to young Eleven, we were nothing but ecstatic. However, you know the surprising thing about time travel is that it is not actually Millie Bobby Brown who plays the role of her younger self. But then who is?

Well, the accuracy that young Eleven had made us all believe it was some kind of CGI or trickery that gave Millie the ability to play her younger self. But it’s not the case, and recently Stranger Things writers revealed the name of the girl who brought young Eleven to life. However, fans will be happy to know that Millie was working closely with this little girl. So, with no further ado, let’s get to know our young Eleven from Stranger Things Season 4.

Stranger Things’ writers reveal who the young Eleven is and how Millie Bobby Brown helped

The way how season 4 of the Netflix Original progressed, and how we were shown glimpses of young Eleven, it was pretty convincing that Millie Bobby Brown herself portrayed the role. However, to all our surprise, it was some other adorable little girl who brought young El to life. A young girl named Martie Blair played the role of young El.

However, it is probably impossible to keep Millie away from El. Hence; she was the one who directed Martie at every single step of her journey as the young girl from the Hawkins Lab. Even Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who played Vecna on the show, lauded Millie for her work. “This was a special moment. I remember this so vividly. Huge props to Millie,” Bower wrote in a tweet.

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We are actually surprised with how amazing this young actress was with her role, and hope nothing but an amazing future awaits her!

The way Martie adapted to the role of Eleven was so convincing that many of the fans thought it was actually Millie who played the role. Some even thought that they filmed a part of the season along with the first season of the show. While many believed that it was actually CGI that helped Millie pull off young El.

What about you? Did you also think that it was actually CGI?

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    June 7, 2022 at 4:54 am

    It is CGI though… the face is. It’s a deepfake. And it does look pretty off a lot of the time. But yeah, the image relating to eleven’s face is generated by a computer. Hence, it is CGI (Computer Generated Image). The body is not CGI, but that’s all. I mean… just look at the actress playing El in the above photograph. That’s not what she looks like in the actual show at all. Because they used CG to cover up her face. Specifically, they scanned Millie Bobby Brown’s face and pasted it over Martie Blair’s face. Which is why this looks so strange at times. Because you are seeing and 18 year old woman’s face on a 10 year old girl’s body.

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