Millie Bobby Brown Has 13 Words Response To Silence All Speculations On Will Byer’s Sexuality In ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown Has 13 Words Response To Silence All Speculations On Will Byer’s Sexuality In ‘Stranger Things’

Since the beginning of season 1 of Stranger Things, viewers have seen Will Byers’ character emotionally ingrown. With the addition of more characters to season 4, Will seemed more suffocated in the new surroundings. The journey of Noah Schnapp’s character remained unexplored, as Will is shown as an unexpressive kid. Will’s horrific experience at Upside Down has changed him forever as he remains conflicted about his present. However, Millie Bobby Brown has conveyed her disagreement with Will’s hindered sexuality in an interview for Variety. 

Stranger Things season 4 instances that hint at Will’s sexuality

Season 4 has many indications of Will’s sexuality. For instance, when asked to give a presentation on their historical idol, Will chooses a gay mathematician named Alan Turing, who was litigated for his sexuality. This indicates his internal thoughts. The relationship between Mike and Will is another thing that has been brought up constantly by fans. Will is deeply affected by the alienated behavior of Mike, who spends his time with Eleven only. While this could be just friendship, the fact remains that the Duffers wrote Will as someone with sexual identity issues.

Another indication of Will’s sexuality is in episode 4, where he talks about being unable to find the courage to be truthful due to fear of people’s judgement. Therefore, Will represents kids, who would keep their identity hidden from people for the fear of being criticized by people for being themselves.

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Millie Bobby Brown opens up about the thrashing questions on Will’s sexuality

Since season 4 dropped, Will’s sexuality has been the subject of much debate. Fans were especially buzzing about how obviously hidden Will’s inclination towards Mike was in the season. So, obviously, Stranger Things stars decided to share their views on the subject. In an interview for Variety, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp shared what they think about Will and his sexuality. According to Millie, Will is just trying to be a normal kid with insecurities and questions about adulthood

“I think that’s the beauty of it, that it’s just up to the audience’s interpretation,” adds Schnapp, To which Millie was quick to respond with a reminder that it is 2022 and labelling things is not necessary.

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Millie believes that the modern world doesn’t require an interpretation of someone’s sexuality or to label them. And they would not like to ruin things for Will because for now, his sexuality is undefined. Will is someone who doesn’t wish to grow up and let go of the days of playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. So, it makes sense to not rush to define his sexual identity.

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