Fans Swoon Over Will Byers And Mike Wheeler’s Relationship, As ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is “Making it so obvious”

Fans Swoon Over Will Byers And Mike Wheeler’s Relationship, As ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is “Making it so obvious”

Will Byers’ sexuality is a huge subject of debate among Stranger Things fans since the first season. The release of season 4 became the peak of rumors that Will Byers has an inclination toward Mike Wheeler, as we see a rift between both best friends because Mike is always focused on Eleven. Thus, viewers have so many questions about the relationship between Mike and Will. Is Will Byers feeling more than friendship for his childhood friend? Or is it just the change of surroundings fragmenting the strong friendship? 

A new direction for Will and Mike in Stranger Things Season 4

There are several scenes in episode 2, where Will is feeling unhappy about things going around. One of the events is when he goes skating with Eleven and Mike. He looks upset with almost teary eyes when Mike ignores him. He certainly seems worried for Eleven and tells her that she should not lie to Mike about her problems. However, he gets annoyed with Mike as he has not called him much and was connected to ‘El’ all the time. When asked about his mood, Will even ends up saying, “And I have been a total third wheel all day. It’s been miserable. So sorry if I wasn’t… wasn’t smiling.” 

Later, in episode 4 Mike tries to make up for his past behavior toward Will. Byers is again seen in a complete emotional state listening to Mike say: “And I don’t know may be I feel I lost you or something. I think it’s easier if we’re… we’re a team. Friends. Best Friends. ” 

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However, this statement does not clearly indicate that Will is emotional about getting back his best friend. Or that he is failing to understand his own emotions about everything. But one thing is sure; in this relationship, Will cares about Mike a lot. It is obvious when he warns Eleven about lying and that this would hurt his feelings very much. This can very well be a caring and loving friendship. Viewers, however, have different perspectives about Will’s growing liking of Mike. 

Social media is currently fluttering with this new angle shown in the Stranger Things 4

Viewers are overwhelmed by seeing a teary-eyed Will in season 4. Everyone is guessing what emotional gyre is influencing his actions and emotions. Take a look at what fans have to say about Mike and Will’s relationships after the season’s launch.

Will’s homosexuality a canon?

While most fans were quick to point out instances than indicated Will‘s sexuality, one particular fan mentioned Will’s homosexuality being a canon.

@cinesinclair’s tweet has a fitting backing because Stranger Things started as a Sci-Fi Televised series, Montauk, created by the Duffer Brothers. The brothers created a pitching booklet, describing the characters and settings. Eventually, the concept and the script included became the basis of Stranger Things. You can read the bible here.

Now that we know Will was written as someone with sexual identity issues, how do you think Will’s story progress from hereon? Do you think Will and Mike will develop into something more? Will his newfound feelings take a toll on Will’s friendship with Mike? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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