Fans Side With Vecna For All hilarious Reasons And Episode 7 of ‘Stranger Things’ 4, Jamie Campbell Bower Also Responsible

Fans Side With Vecna For All hilarious Reasons And Episode 7 of ‘Stranger Things’ 4, Jamie Campbell Bower Also Responsible

Stranger Things season 4 has broken all the conventional codes of monsters with the interpretation of Vecna because this cranky beast now has a place in the hearts of fans instead of being despised for his hideous actions. And we are to blame Jamie Campbell Bower. Jamie’s acting has entirely fascinated viewers in the final episode of season 4 as people defend him for being innocent. Let’s peep into the things that made fans adore Vecna. 

Vecna left a real impression on the audience in Stranger Things season 4

Right from the start of season 4 viewers meet Vecna, a creature who preys on people’s weaknesses. His feigned illusion seems to wreak havoc on characters like Max, as he traumatizes people by hitting on their psychological bounds.

However, the mysterious plots of Stranger Things have given a chance to the new monster of season 4 to justify himself. In episode 7, we see Henry Creel narrating his journey and how he unlocked his supernatural powers in their new home. Since then, viewers are pitying him for being treated like an animal in a locked experiment in the Laboratory.

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The innocent face of Jamie Campbell has changed the depiction of the Stranger Things 4 villian

We all have seen the banging showdown in the Hawkins Lab when he blows off most people. He tells Eleven that she shouldn’t be afraid of these people anymore. Indeed, it was a backlash of being subject to Papa’s torments while being forced to work at the lab and not allowed to channel his powers. Despite this, viewers see him as a beautiful boy stuck in the laboratory, which is entirely different from hideous Vecna. 

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001 has been captive of Papa for so long that he loathes him deeply. Therefore, fans of Bower noticed that his pain pinched Henry all along. Bower transformed the season with his embodiment of a saint under the skin of the devil. However, viewers’ focus was more on his innocent face, and his sleek hairstyle took away the heart of many.

Moreover, Bower’s character is framed in a positive light when he is seen in episode 5. Evidently, that also has favored the character of Vecna aka 001 aka Henry Creel. That said, he seemed really scary in episode 7, when he revealed himself with his devilish smile and lushed eyes. But even that couldn’t take away fans’ adoration for the season 4 villain.

Twitterati find Vecna to be ‘fineeeeee’

If there’s one place where all fans share their love for virtually anything, especially Vecna, it’s Twitter. Stranger Things fans didn’t miss a heartbeat in making their stand on Vecna and 001 pretty clear.

Admittedly, Jamie Campbell did a wonderful job as Vecna, leading many fans to look past the character’s gory work. Do you love Vecna as well? For more depth into Jamie’s character, you can go stream season 4 vol 1 on Netflix.

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