Stranger Things Fan Theories: Why El Couldn’t Find Max? Will She Die in Season 5?

Stranger Things Fan Theories: Why El Couldn’t Find Max? Will She Die in Season 5?

It has been mere hours since the release of Stranger Things season 4 and people are already intensely talking about it. The new batch of episodes were full of thrilling moments. Many were lost in the last two episodes of the fourth season. And a lot was left rather ambiguous for a fifth and final season. Fans of the show are already discussing what can happen in Stranger Things season 5.

One of the hottest topics regarding the fourth season has been the last scene between Eleven and Max. Many people are wondering what happened to the girl who first broke Vecna‘s curse.

What will happen to Max in Stranger Things season 5?

There is no other to say this, but the Stranger Things 4 volume two was completely fire. Both the episodes were amazing, with the second one completely taking audiences on an emotional ride.

So much went down in the final episode of the fourth season that it is impossible to talk about it whole. However, the one thing many people are scratching their heads about is Max’s fate.

In the last episode, we saw Eleven saving save Max midway through Vecna’s horrible death ritual and resurrecting her when her heart stopped beating.

Max claims she can’t see or feel anything before (temporarily) dying. Eleven is unable to locate Max through mind-travel. Eleven’s not being able to locate Max has allowed multiple theories to be born.

Many think that Max has already died, while others feel she might be alive, but just like Robert Englund’s Victor Creel, she might lose her sight.

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Thousands of theories are pouring in on Reddit. Some of them are.

  • “100% Vecna moved to Max’ body. That’s probably why El couldn’t find her in the hospital, but hey, that’s just a theory”
  • “she’s in a coma”
  • “I thought when El couldn’t find her it was implying she went brain dead. Idk if this makes me more or less hopeful that Max lives”

These are all just theories and we will have a long wait till we find any answers. Stranger Things season 5 does not have an official release date as of yet. But late 2023 premiering seems the most likely.

Let us know your theories about what happened to Max in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Things Fan Theories: Why El Couldn’t Find Max? Will She Die in Season 5?

  1. Reply
    Jane V
    July 2, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    Dr Brenner told Eleven that Vecna doesn’t kill his victims – he consumes them. He takes their powers, memories and everything they are. Henry told Eleven when she was a child that the people he killed in the lab weren’t dead – they were still with him. I think Vecna is kind like a soul stealer. I think he grows in strength with every kill as he absorbs his victims strength but I believe he also absorbs his victims consciousnesses . My theory is that all the people he has killed are literally still “with him”…trapped in his mind. Eleven not finding anything inside Max’s mind in the hospital supports this because if she were in a regular coma there would be something/anything there…Vecna took all that she was. I think Eleven is going to go into his mind at some point in season 5 and free the consciousnesses trapped there. Max will be there and since she still has a body she will wake up. I also believe once this happens she will regain her sight. Freeing Vecna’s victims from the prison of his mind will weaken Vecna enough to finally kill him.

  2. Reply
    Christopher Barton
    July 3, 2022 at 10:56 am

    My theory: Max’s mind is wandering. And when she wakes she will have acquired some abilities of her own, allowing her to tip the scales. It took 4 sacrificies to open the gate. It will take 4 to close it. El, max, 8, and maybe a new final character.

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