‘Purple Hearts’ Sensation Sofia Carson Defends Netflix For Its Current #1 film

‘Purple Hearts’ Sensation Sofia Carson Defends Netflix For Its Current #1 film

Admit it or not; Romance feels like Belgium Chocolate Sundae! Once in a while, we always crave a feel-good tub of ice cream, and yet we never have enough of it. Such is the case with all those romantic narratives that have carved a special space in our hearts. They never even once fail to intrigue the audience with their magical narrative which causes that funny feeling in our stomachs. We tend to cry and laugh with the characters, secretly hoping for a happily ever after ending. And although there are a plethora of dazzling titles under the genre, adding more to the platter has never gone wrong. The soaring success of Netflix’s brand new love story, Purple Hearts is certainly a perfect example.

2 weeks since its debut, the movie starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine is still #1 in Netflix’s current top 10 lists. It might not be the most inspiring love story, but it surely does one thing right: It brings up some real-life issues and blends them into the neat little story that Purple Hearts tells its audience in just over two hours. However, the movie has been receiving a quite lot of criticism from fans and critics alike for being misogynistic and racist at times.

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Amidst such reviews, the Descendants actress and the producers of the movie stand firm with it, probably silencing the critics.

Despite the hate, Sofia Carson is proud of her movie ‘Purple Hearts’

The 29-year-old actress feels Purple Hearts is so much more than a love story. “Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion and love each other and turn into this beautiful shade of purple,” she shared her views with variety. Furthermore, defending the movie from the critics, she mentioned the goal of the creators. “We wanted to represent both sides as accurately as possible.” Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum added to the point saying, “They both have been neglected by the system; he’s hurt in a war that doesn’t seem to be ending and she’s slipping through the cracks of the healthcare system.”

Carson, who plays Cassie Salazar, an aspiring musician who has struggled to afford her Type 1 diabetes medication further points out how they praised the movie for its accurate depiction of the disease. “As we were learning more and more about type 1 diabetes and developing Cassie, we learned that it’s, frankly, highly underrepresented in film and TV and in media,” Carson told The Hollywood Reporter.

The actress who, got the role because of Lady Gaga, firmly believes that the insulin crisis and the health care crisis in this country is an issue that needs to be brought up. “How there are countless girls and men and women like Cassie who literally can’t afford the insulin that they need to survive!” According to her, the movie is certainly successful at propagating this message.

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Do you agree with the actress? Or are you a critic of the movie? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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