“It was really a powerful scene”: Sofia Carson Reveals Her Favourite Scene From ‘Purple Hearts’

“It was really a powerful scene”: Sofia Carson Reveals Her Favourite Scene From ‘Purple Hearts’

Purple Hearts shining star Sofia Carson is constantly praised for her role as Cassie Salazar in the movie. Especially her musical journey won hearts, and people couldn’t stop listening to the soundtrack the actress sang. It’s very surprising how the 29-year-old actress did many crucial jobs in the film, from acting to producing to songwriting. The movie was all over social media instantly after its release when fans loved the romance between this odd couple.

This fan-adored Netflix film surpassed the expectations of fans, making it the best romance of summer because this “marriage of convenience” has several scenes that touched fans’ hearts. However, Carson expressed her love for the movie by sharing her favorite scene. Read ahead to know everything about it.

Sofia Carson loved THIS scene from Purple Hearts

In an interview with Brief Take, Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine sat down to talk about their journey of Purple Hearts. The host asked the actors about their memories of the shoot and favorite moments in the movie. Carson talked about the scene where Cassie goes to drop Luke off at the Marine Corps Base.

The heartbreaking goodbyes and emotional families hit practical-minded Cassie for the first time in her life as she has always been thinking from the perspective of a hard-working immigrant. The camp made her realize that the sacrifice of these soldiers fighting on borders is beyond everything. For instance, she watched people on the base hugging and crying while their beloved sons left for the war zone.

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The actress remembered the second day of shooting when they met on the set of the film.

“It was a really powerful scene because like you said not much needed to be said everything was told through Cassie’s eyes,” said the actress.

While she picked her favorite scene, Carson feels that the movie has many great scenes where they delved into darker places. The scenes were thrilling because they got to explore the parts of a marriage. For instance, in the fight scene, Cassie and Luke agree in front of the restaurant while their friends are watching. So, Luke hugs her to pretend that everything is ok, which calms Cassie’s anger.

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Purple Hearts is a very comforting movie and a great watch for romance lovers where unexpected turns are always awaiting. There are tender moments in the film that will make you cry and fall in love with the characters. Go watch this new romance drama taking a spot in the top 10 charts on Netflix. And don’t forget to let us know your reaction in the comment section.

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