Netflix Asks the Biggest Question About ‘The Sandman’, That May Dictate the Series’ Most Pivotal Sequence

Netflix Asks the Biggest Question About ‘The Sandman’, That May Dictate the Series’ Most Pivotal Sequence

With 75 issues of comic books making up a superlative bundle of graphic novels, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is considered a literary masterpiece. Unsurprisingly, the live-action adaptation of this mammoth source material proved to be a trying ordeal. After almost thirty years of going through the wringer, we finally now have a successful live-action rendition of the comics. The first season of the show is now out on Netflix and the world has inhaled all the 10 episodes in a jiff. Now comes breaking apart every aspect of the show, including a character’s name.

Netflix poses a big question about The Sandman

Recently, Netflix Geeked took to Twitter and addressed the online world with a paramount open question regarding The Sandman. In fact, we have another Stranger Things-style Vecna/001/Henry debate on our hands. “What should this lil baby gargoyle’s name be?” If you think Netflix is kidding about this, we doubt the steaming goliath will waste even a second to unleash the army of Goldie/Irving/Girving fans upon you.

So tread lightly, my friends, and ease the process of settling on a name for this endearing gargoyle. Of course, Twitteratis were all excited to voice their opinions and shower their love on the precious baby gargoyle. While most of them gave their choice of names known, many had other agendas in mind.

Several Twitter users spoke about keeping the charming little gargoyle from The Sandman for themselves. Be warned though, we don’t think Cain, the first ever murderer, will take the loss of yet another gargoyle too kindly. You might just end up in a grave next to Abel. 

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How did Goldie/ Irving / Girving come into being?

After finally escaping his century-long imprisonment, Morpheus returns to his realm, at last, only to find out that his absence has left his once flourishing kingdom in shambles. In order to rebuild his dilapidating realm, The Dreaming, he first needs to gain his powers back. When the Magus, Roderick Burgess captured Dream, he took away his ruby, his helm, and his bag of sand.

The items further got stolen and could be anywhere in the world. These aren’t mere belongings, but vessels that encapsulate Morpheus’s abilities and that constitute his making. Without them, he is incomplete and weak. The only way to pinpoint the whereabouts of his lost objects is to summon The Fates, the holy trinity of a maiden, a mother, and a crone. But Morpheus doesn’t even have enough power and offerings to call upon them.

He needs a creature or an entity of his own creation to restore some of his strength. The only being left in The Dreaming was Cain and Abel’s pet gargoyle Gregory. Despite numerous protests from the brothers of the First story, Morpheus has no choice but to subsume the honorable Gregory. To make up for this, Morpheus leaves another gargoyle egg when he collects items for The Fates and leaves it on Abel’s grave. From that egg hatched the cutest, most adorable tiny gargoyle with multiple monikers; Irving/ Girving/ Goldie.

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What do you think the baby gargoyle should be called? Let us know in the comments as you re-watch The Sandman for the cuteness overload.

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