WATCH: ‘The Sandman’ Netflix Show and Comic Parallel From Death and Dream Scene Adopted Word-For-Word

WATCH: ‘The Sandman’ Netflix Show and Comic Parallel From Death and Dream Scene Adopted Word-For-Word

After months of rumors, speculations, and anticipation around The Sandman, the wait is finally over. The Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece has graced our screens, with the first season now online on the streaming goliath. With the show trending all over the world, the live-action rendition has received lots of love and appreciation, especially from avid fans of The Sandman graphic novels. They believe the Netflix version is a great homage to Neil Gaiman’s world and does full justice to the source material.

Dream and Death: The Sandman comics vs the Netflix series

With multiple failed attempts to recreate Neil Gaiman’s comic collection for the screen, we finally have a successful adaptation after over thirty years. Fans were particularly thrilled to see how closely the show follows the narrative of the graphic novels. Obviously, some characters and a few storylines went through modifications and rewrites; for instance, Lyta and Hector Hall. But for the most part, the creators managed to preserve the essence of the story brilliantly.

In fact, one particular scene from episode 6 entitled The Sound of Her Wings is almost an exact recreation of the comic panel. The developers of the show even lifted the dialogues verbatim from the comic issue of the same name. A notable feature of this issue was the debut of Death of The Endless, the older sister of Morpheus.

Fans did not waste a second applauding the adaptation and showering the creator and the actors with well-deserved credit.

The viewers even opened up about how they could connect to the emotional scene and commended the series for its depth and nuances.

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The unbreakable bond between Dream and Death

When Morpheus is down and questioning his very existence, Death, while supportive, doesn’t let him get lost in a downward spiral. She doesn’t indulge his self-pity and calls him out for his moping, reminding him of his true purpose. In a signature big sister fashion, she tells Dream how much she worries for him by yelling. The beautiful scene is a true testament to sibling relationships. Despite its larger-than-life tale of fantastical beings and complicated mythology, The Sandman is still rooted in human emotions.

Moreover, actors Tom Sturridge and Kirby Howell-Baptiste were amazing on screen as Dream and Death of The Endless, respectively. Tom’s portrayal of the initially cold-hearted ruler of The Dreaming realm, who goes through a massive transformation, is commendable. Kirby, on the other hand, is absolutely perfect as the jovial and kind-hearted personification of Death. She is “the friendly face” that every human needs as their guide to the beyond.

What did you think of this heartwarming scene between Dream and Death? Will Death return for Season 2? Let us know in the comments. Until they officially announce season two, all we can do is re-watch season 1 of The Sandman streaming on Netflix.

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