Neil Gaiman Takes Fans on a Verbal Journey All the Way Into The Dreaming Realm on ‘The Sandman’: Dreamcast

Neil Gaiman Takes Fans on a Verbal Journey All the Way Into The Dreaming Realm on ‘The Sandman’: Dreamcast

75 issues of graphic novels, multiple failed attempts, and over three decades later, The Sandman finally has a live-action adaptation. Premiered on August 5 on Netflix, the show was a brilliant homage to the books and did full justice to Neil Gaiman’s vision. However, did binge-watching The Sandman in a day leave a dream-shaped hole in your life? Are you craving more from the beautiful world conceptualized by Neil Gaiman? Well, look no further, for “dreams do come true.” Neil Gaiman and the cast of the show have a special treat that guarantees you an exclusive sneak peek into Sandman’s realm, The Dreaming.

Explore The Dreaming with The Sandman cast

Recently, Netflix Geeked took to Twitter and announced The Sandman: Dreamcast with a trailer. Dreamcast is a “limited audio series,” i.e., podcasts recorded by Neil and your favorite characters from the show. A short trailer opens with The Sandman himself. With Tom Sturridge’s deep voice in the background, the text on the screen reads, “This is your invitation to relax and dream.”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users are absolutely thrilled about the additional companion for the show. Many have already tried it and were kind enough to share their experiences with the group. While some got the chills, most of them believed it to be very relaxing, almost like meditation. 

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All you need to know about Dreamcast

A collection of 5 individual podcasts, the Dreamcast is essentially a guided tour to The Sandman’s kingdom. The total series is around 28 minutes of listening time. The audio series is available on all popular podcast platforms as well as on The Sandman’s official website. Netflix Tudum posted a dedicated article, giving us an overview of each of the stories.

The master storyteller, Neil Gaiman, narrates the first audio note titled The Gray World of Half Sleep. Following Neil’s “bedtime story,” Tom Sturridge’s Dream of The Endlesstransports you via his magical sand” to his realm with the title Enter The Dreaming. A Visit to the Library by the ever-dependable Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong) is a tranquil experience as she fully understands “the comforts of calm and quiet.”

Why not hear first-hand accounts of the biblical Cain and Abel? Sanjeev Bhaskar and Asim Chaudhary, as the first-ever murderer and the first-ever murder victim, narrate The First Story. If not anything else, a special appearance by the adorable Gargoyle Goldie is a guaranteed pull. After all the relaxation, it’s time for some carnal exploration with In Your Heart. Discover your “deepest and darkest desires” with Desire of The Endless (Mason Alexander park)

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Let us know what you think of the Dreamcast. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, watch The Sandman now streaming on Netflix.

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