Netflix Is the Savior and the Devourer of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’

Netflix Is the Savior and the Devourer of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’

Over the years, Netflix, one of the biggest streaming services, has brought a lot of great shows to its audiences. And this year was the year the world finally got to see The Sandman live-action adaptation, all thanks to the California-based streaming company. Neil Gaiman, series creator and author of the comics, spent nearly three decades trying to bring his comic book to life.

And at the end, it was Netflix that made Neil’s and everyone else’s dreams come true. However, in doing so, Netflix unintentionally also became the biggest enemy of the show and its viewing experience. Want to know how? Then continue reading.

Netflix unintentionally spoiled The Sandman

There is no doubt in saying that hadn’t it been for Netflix we might’ve never got to see The Sandman. In a sense, Netflix could be called the savior of the show. Not only did they greenlit the series when no one else was willing to do so. But they also gave show creator Neil Gaiman enough creative independence so that he could create the best version of the show for audiences.

However during all this involuntarily Netflix also became the biggest enemy of the show. The enormous degree of detail and attention is shown in the series’ visual presentation. And the plotline is harmed by Netflix’s distribution method and today’s binge-watching culture.

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Given the amount of effort put in and the number of moving elements that keep this series running, it’s difficult to go through more than two episodes before needing a break. Despite what Netflix may argue about its technique being beneficial for subscription revenue. The Sandman is plainly not designed to be eaten all at once.

Nevertheless, despite all the shortcomings, Netflix has crafted one of the best adaptations to date. The show excels in almost all departments especially, with having amazing visuals and incredible performances.

Did you guys like the binge-watch method of viewing for The Sandman? Or preferred a weekly release of episodes. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments.

The Sandman is currently streaming only on Netflix.

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