Fans Laud Neil Gaiman and Netflix for ‘The Sandman’; Praise Visuals and Call It Worth the Endless Wait

Fans Laud Neil Gaiman and Netflix for ‘The Sandman’; Praise Visuals and Call It Worth the Endless Wait

All 10 episodes of The Sandman have just dropped on Netflix. And reviews have already started pouring in and most of them are extremely positive. Neil Gaiman waited almost 32 years to bring his brainchild to the screens and so did the fans of the comic. The wait has surely paid off due to the adaptation remaining entirely faithful to the original material. Rarely is an adaptation so quickly positively received, but the Netflix show about the meta-physical being Dream is an exception.

Let’s check out what the fans are saying about the Allan Heinberg and David S.Goyer produced show. 

Fans’ review Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman on Netflix

The trailer gave us a glimpse of the beautiful visuals of The Sandman universe. But it has surely exceeded fans’ expectations with the first episode.

When fans who have read the original comic or have listened to the audiobook praise the adaptation, it’s needless to say that Gaiman has truly won this time.

The author was himself actively involved in writing the screenplay for the adaptation. He also served as the executive head.

With the rich storyline, extraordinary visuals, and characters, Netflix has managed to create an enthralling series.

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Can you expect more Endless content? 

The adaptation follows Dream, the king of dreams and nightmares, as he escapes from his century-long captivity to restore balance to his realm. In his absence, his realm has started crumbling and a strange new sleeping sickness has affected millions in the physical world. Once free, he goes after his captors to retrieve his lost totems and regain back his powers.

The graphic novel has 75 issues so far, so there’s plenty of content left to explore. Moreover, the creators have already started working on the script for the second season of the show. Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet, but Goyer and Gaiman are confident about their fantasy tale.

Did the positive reviews make you add the series to your watchlist yet? Or have you already binged it?

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