Kirby Howell-Baptiste on Playing Death in ‘The Sandman’ on Netflix: “It’s mostly just walking, talking, and…”

Kirby Howell-Baptiste on Playing Death in ‘The Sandman’ on Netflix: “It’s mostly just walking, talking, and…”

The most awaited series, The Sandman released on August 5 on Netflix. As soon as the series was released, viewers couldn’t stop themselves from binge-watching it. All the characters are as intriguing as the viewers had expected. What caught their attention was the representation of Death in The Sandman. Kirby Howell-Baptiste played the character with a nuance that got to dedicated fans of the comic series and now the Netflix show.

Death in The Sandman according to Kirby Howell-Baptiste

As we all know that The Sandman is the adaptation of a comic book of the same name by Neil Gaiman, who also co-created the series on Netflix. The tale of Dream and his kingdom has won the hearts of all the viewers. As expected from Gaiman, there are many twists in the representation of the characters, unlike conventionally seen in several stories. However, Death is one of The Sandman characters that really stand out for its unique representation. So, how did the actress prepare for such an unconventionally-portrayed character?

Kirby Howell-Baptiste opens up about her character, Death, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. She shares how a lot of creative space made it easy and exciting for her to adapt to the character easily. The simplicity and cheerfulness of her character are unique aspects. She dresses in a black tank top, black jeans, and boots along with an Ankh chain. Kirby knew her character very well, given how she was a fan of Gaiman’s works before being cast for The Sandman. Therefore, it was easy for her and Tom (Dream) to connect as they both had read the works of Gaiman.

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Just like the issues of the original comic, the series episodes also portray Death in a cheerful way. When people die, they need someone friendly around them to comfort them: She explains this to Dream when she first appears. Her friendliness and loving aura create a calming effect for those who die and pass through her. Thus, Neil Gaiman’s Death is down-to-earth and a soothing presence. 

Kirby shares how her character has the least amount of special effects or bells and whistles because of the simplicity of Death’s powers and role in the show. While everyone has the idea of power being dominating and forceful, especially that of a force like Death. However, Kirby says, “It’s mostly just walking, talking, and ruminating on our place in the world,” in The Sandman.

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Kirby Howell-Baptiste portrays the most horrific yet most calming character brilliantly. Have you seen her in the series yet? If not, watch the series now and share the difference that you’ve noticed between your idea of death and the Death on-screen.

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