“This is getting too weird” : Neil Gaiman Reacts to Fans Asking if They Can Ride a Minotaur

“This is getting too weird” : Neil Gaiman Reacts to Fans Asking if They Can Ride a Minotaur

The award-winning British author, Neil Gaiman made a rare appearance on camera to answer some fans’ questions regarding Greek mythology. The writer has won several awards from Bram Stoker to Nebula to Hugo awards. His books mostly delve into dark fantasy and weave stories around mythology. In his long illustrious career as a writer, he has penned several books and comics for both kids and adults alike namely, Coraline, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Graveyard Book, Stardust, Norse Mythology, etc. Several of his works had made their way to the TV, including the very recent Netflix show, The Sandman. 

During the segment with Wired, the author received several interesting questions. However, a particular one got a little weird quickly!

Neil Gaiman has some weird tips for you to ride a Minotaur

Minotaurs are referred to the beings that are half bull and half human in Greek Mythology. So when a fan asked Neil Gaiman whether they could ride one, he was absolutely flabbergasted. He suggested that you cannot ride a real one because he has a human body.

In order to ride one, you’ll have to ride on their shoulders. But he goes on to say that maybe one can ride one if the Minotaur is a little “furry” and the size of a “pony”! Before going any further, Gaiman quickly realized it was getting too weird and he was delving too deep into it for no reason. He moved on to the next topic remarking, “This is getting too weird! 

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Gaiman’s comic book adaptation received overwhelmingly positive reviews

Gaiman’s comic The Sandman dubbed as the Doctor Who for adults landed on Netflix on August 5 to positive responses. The author had spent nearly 32 years trying to adapt the unfilmable comic book. The lush visuals of the series have already impressed fans, but interestingly, most of it wasn’t CGI. In a CGI-crazed world, Gaiman and his team had worked to create the sets that lend to the mood of the series. 

Have you caught up with all the 10 episodes of The Sandman yet? 

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