As Justice for Gregory Trends Globally, Here’s the VFX Breakdown of How ‘The Sandman’s Mythological Creature Came to Life

As Justice for Gregory Trends Globally, Here’s the VFX Breakdown of How ‘The Sandman’s Mythological Creature Came to Life

As the fantasy mythological show is streaming on Netflix, it has caught the attention of viewers on a global level. However, The Sandman revolves around the lord of Dreaming, Morpheus; the viewers are also showering their love on another mythological creature, Gregory. It is probably the cutest character in the show. So, here is the information about how it came to life and into the show.

The VFX breakdown of Gregory from The Sandman

The dinosaur-like mythological character Gregory is one of the most loved creatures from the Netflix original, The Sandman. It is receiving praises and admiration from every viewer of the show. Of course, the connection between him and Dream in episode two, titled “Imperfect Hosts” might have made the viewers cry. Tom Sturridge has also admitted it was an emotional scene for him. He had to connect with Gregory and take his life. Along with Cain and Abel, Dream and Lucienne also got overwhelmed with the demise of the obedient Gregory. Therefore, here is a clip for you to see how they created Gregory with the VFX.

The 100 years of imprisonment made the lord of the Dreaming weak. He must seek power to get his tools back in order to restore the balance both in the waking world as well as in the Dreamland. Therefore, he takes Gregory’s life as it was an original creation of the lord. As you can witness in the clip, a puppeteer is holding a beautiful head and is acting through the scene. With added effects and proper structure to the character, Gregory becomes real.

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Not only Abel and Cain but also the viewers love this beautiful being very much. So, when Gregory willingly gives his life as the power back to Dream, the viewers also became emotional. “It was an exquisite piece of construction,” praises Tom, and talks about the creation of Gregory. Neil Gaiman said they wanted to make the show about ‘The Sandman’ only. They never tried to make it about anything else. However, he also said they wanted to do it right, justifying everything and everyone that make The Sandman the center of the show.

Maybe that is the reason they put in these many efforts to create each character and situation as effective as they are. The creation of Gregory using the effects needed artistically creative skills because it had to look real. Do you think Gregory is one of the best creations of the show? Does it also connect with you? Share your views about the creation with us.

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