“Is Sadie Sink a Witch?” Netflix Asks With a Clip From ‘Fear Street 1978’ Asks With a Clip From ‘Fear Street 1978’

“Is Sadie Sink a Witch?” Netflix Asks With a Clip From ‘Fear Street 1978’ Asks With a Clip From ‘Fear Street 1978’

2022 has rightfully been Sadie Sink ’s year. The Fear Street trilogy which was aired last summer, successfully made its way to become a blockbuster Netflix hit. But so did another… The show had the fans cracking up at its parallel running plot with one of the most beloved shows on Netflix currently. A group of kids, cursed and haunted by a vindictive awful villain that eventually tries to take down an entire town altogether. Sounds familiar?

Sadie’s Ziggy being Max Mayfield lite

Let’s talk about the cast that’ll surely ring a bell. The show caught the attention of horror and mystery fans since it cast both Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink as their major protagonists. In a recent video posted by Netflix, where the streamer raises questions on Sink being a witch, viewers must have got real flashbacks of Max from Strangers Things playing the part, again in The Fear Street.

The same pesky isolated, redhead, Ziggy Berman, who’s bitchin’ all the time, is evidently just a Max Mayfield lite.

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But wait, ever Sink-ed the time period?

From fighting for her friends and the future of Hawkins in the summer of 80’s to all the way up to landing in Shadyside in the late 90s, it seems as if Shadyside is the dimension where Max ended up after the 86’ incident. We’ve already seen her surviving the trance once. And now that Max’s death hangs by a cliffhanger in the last episode, we should continue by acknowledging the fact that death in Stranger Things is, if nothing else, a genuinely bizarre phenomenon. Hopper was dead, but then he wasn’t. Steve almost got bit by the demodogs but was least affected.

With all this, it becomes seemingly plausible that Max’s second encounter with Vecna wouldn’t have been that simple at all. But what exactly did it do to Max? Is she still a human, or did she turn into a comrade of Vecna?

While we await answers in season 5, stream all seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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