Maya Hawke Wants To Have a “powerful love story” for Robin and Nancy Only To Sacrifice Herself Later for…

Maya Hawke Wants To Have a “powerful love story” for Robin and Nancy Only To Sacrifice Herself Later for…

One of the core themes of this year’s Stranger Things was relationships. Many of the previous relationships went through a lot this season, and numerous new ones were forged. One of the greatest new friendships that were made in the fourth season was between Nancy and Robin. Audiences loved this new dynamic. And it seems like Maya Hawke has the perfect ending to Robin and Nancy’s friendship.

But why does it end up with Robin dying? Interested? Then read along.

Maya Hawke has the perfect pitch for Nancy and Robin

Even before the record-breaking season 4 premiered, Natalia Dyer had already informed the fans that the new season would witness a friendship between Nancy and Robin, and she was correct.

Robin and Nancy were at the forefront of investigating a cure for Vecna‘s curse, and it was their recommendation that helped Lucas and Dustin save Max.

So while talking about how Maya Hawke would want Ronance to turn out, the actress had an interesting pitch. Maya said that she wants Nancy and Robin to have a “powerful love story.”

However, the actress then goes on to say that she wants Nancy to choose Steve over Robin, who then sacrifices herself for the sake of her two friends.

The 24-year-old actress continues with her pitch by saying, “Sacrificing myself to the monster to protect them and their love. So that they can go on and be happy.”

Her idea was loved by all, especially by Joe Keery, who exclaimed, “that’s exactly what I wanted to say.”

Robin certainly is extremely close to Steve out of all the other characters. And in season four, she also got close to Nancy. So a scenario where Robin sacrifices herself for the two of her closest friends is not that far-fetched after all.

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With the fifth and final season still being written, maybe The Duffer Brothers can incorporate Maya’s idea in one way or another.

But what do you guys think? Is death the perfect ending for Robin? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

Stranger Things is streaming only on Netflix.

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